Hot Sheet April-August 2022

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Tayo Amos’ ’19 was selected to take part in producer Will Packer’s Scene In Color film series, where she will be mentored by Packer and receive a blind script deal with NBCUniversal. Her short film Magnolia Bloom was released on Peacock.

Jason Michael Berman ’06 will produce a feature on the true-life story of Nike sneaker man, Sonny Vaccaro.

Zoe Brown will produce the play, Get It Together, at the Zephyr Theatre on Melrose Ave.

Christopher Cantwell ’04 will serve as showrunner and write the adaptation of the series reboot of Max Headroom.

Guillermo Casarin ’21 was awarded Best Student Documentary for Bad Hombrewood at the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes.

Jeff Davis ’00 and Jason Ensler ’97 are set to executive produce the Paramount + series Wolf Pack. Ensler is also set to direct the pilot episode.

Stephen E. Dinehart ’06 worked for Super Nintendo World, which won the Themed Entertainment Association Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Theme Park Land. He also co-designed and wrote the attraction Mario Kart, which won the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technical Innovation.

Shaun Dixon ’07 was the cinematographer for the 3D Finale and 2D live assets of the Stranger Things Experience, created for Netflix and Fever.

Hwang Dong-hyuk 04 is developing a satire, The Best Show on the Planet, based off the creation of his hit-Netflix series Squid Game.

Susan Downey ’95 will produce HBO Max's Sherlock Holmes spinoff series.

Grafton Doyle ’19 (Dornsife and Dramatic Arts) made his writing and directorial debut with Dope Queens.

Kate Fortmueller’s ’14 book Below the Stars: How the Labor of Working Actors and Extras Shapes Media Production is on the long list for the 2022 Krazna-Krausz Foundation Moving Image Book Award.

Broderick Fox 99, 03,04 directed the feature documentary Manscaping which will have its West Coast premiere at Outfest.

Moon Garden, directed by Ryan Stevens Harris 06 and produced by John Michaels Elfers 04, was nominated for a Panavision award for Outstanding Feature. The film was also nominated for Best Director, Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Music, Actor and Actress at the Micheaux Film Festival.

Becky Hutner ’03 directed, produced and co-edited her first feature documentary, Fashion Reimagined, which will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Dr. Jeanne Jo ’17 was featured in What Am I Doing Here?, a collection of short films that is on view at the Southern Utah Museum of Art.

Kapital Entertainment, founded by producer Aaron Kaplan ’90, has teamed up with SK Global, Jeff Sagansky and Florence Sloan to found Jaya Entertainment. The company will focus on developing, producing and financing international series.

Ezra Lerner ’23 was announced as a finalist for the Museum of the Moving Image’s Student Grand Jury prize.

Miles Lopez ’21 premiered his short film Cartas Para Axél at Outfest on July 20th.

Leon Lozano ’04 was selected for the Warner Brothers Directors Workshop and will direct an episode of All American: Homecoming. He will make his television directorial debut on August 16th with the BET Network show Tales. He is also wrapping post-production on his feature film A Little Hope For Chicago and his short comedic doc Prom Night, created as a part of the Netflix and HotDocs - It’s Funny Because It’s True program.

Dr. Triton Mobley ’21 penned the essay "Volumetric Black: Post-Cinematic Blackness" which was published as part of the book Materializing Digital Features: Touch, Movement, Sound and Vision.

Mercedes Bryce Morgan 16 will have her first feature premiere at TIFF. The feature was directed by Mercedes and produced by Katrina Kudlick 16.

Maren Olson ’03 was hired at 30West and will serve as EVP Film.

Jay Roach ’86 is set to direct a new Ocean’s Eleven movie, which is in active development at Warner Bros.

Erich Rettstadt ’16 won the SXSW Midnight Shorts competition for his short Tank Fairy. The short will premiere at Outfest on July 15.

Ian Shorr ’08 will write the remake of the Korean thriller, Time for Hunt, for Netflix.

Zaiver Sinnett ’18 was included in the 2022 Out Loud List, an annual list of the best unproduced queer-focused television pilots of the past year. Sinnett’s script They Suffered, Beautifully, was selected.

The Pritzker Pucker Studio Lab at Northwestern University’s Department of Radio, Television and Film, directed by David E. Tolchinsky ’88, was featured in an article in Variety. The program focuses on mental health and its role in filmed entertainment.

The Inevitable Foundation, founded by Marisa Torelli-Pedevska ’22, released their first ever Cost of Accommodations Report, which reveals the costs of disability-based accommodations for Hollywood productions, aiming to destigmatize such. The report was featured in The Hollywood Reporter.

Rebecca Usoro 13 wrote, directed, and starred in The Family Meeting and was selected for the 26th LA Shorts International Film Festival.

Jenny Waldo ’04 wrote and directed her debut feature Acid Test, which will have its West Coast premiere in Los Angeles at the Dances with Films festival on June 18th.

Steven P. Wegner ’93 will serve as EVP Production at Jonathan Lim's new media company, City Hill Arts.

Gina Welch wrote The Sterling Affairs, which will be a six-episode limited series by FX.

Max Winkler ’06 will direct the pilot of the HBO Max series King Rex.

Dr. Clea von Charmier Waite ’19 had two papers accepted to the ISEA conference in Barcelona. Her papersSupra-Dimensional Cinema: VR Case Study TesserIce and Navigating the 4D Space-Time of Climate Change: Tesserice entail her groundbreaking work in VR.

Sergio Zaciu ’20 was a Script Consultant for the film, R.M.N. The film is in competition for Official Selection at Cannes.

Kay Zhang ’22 was awarded Best Student Film for Mother in the Mist at the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes.

17 USC students and alumni were recognized as finalists for HUMANITAS PRIZES:

College Drama
Diaspora Blues by Aashka Pandya 22

College Comedy
The Invasion of Ali Norman by Bailey Abedon 22
Puberty Too by V Marks ’22
The 1,000 Year Old Virgin by Bridget Parker ’22

College Drama Award
Marcus Crawford Guy ’22
Carrie Finklea 21
Howard Emanuel ’23
Alex Garcia 22
Maurizio Ledezma 22
Dawana Speights 22

College Comedy Award
Monet Clements 22 & Josh Granovsky 22
Zane Peña ’23
Gabby Ruiz ’23

Emerging Writer
Grace Gao 15 (Dornsife)
Maurizio Ledezma 22
Sam Thomasson ’23

TV Shows on the Air

61st Street (AMC, Season 1)
James David Shanks ’14 (Executive Producer)

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards (CBS)
Kevin Faust ’01 (Video Control)

America Outdoors with Baratunde Thurston (PBS, Season 1)
Christy Wegener ’08 (Dornsife) (Development Producer)

American Idol (ABC, Season 5)
Adam Margolis ’04 (Camera)

Angelyne (Peacock, Season 1)
Matt Spicer ’06 (Director)
Lauren Connelly ’06 (Editor)

Atlanta (FX, Season 4)
Hiro Murai ’06 (Executive Producer/Director)

Bad Sisters (Apple TV+, Season 1)
Brett Baer ’88 (Dramatic Arts) (Executive Producer/Writer)

The Bear (Hulu, Season 1)
Hiro Murai ’06 (Executive Producer)

Better Call Saul (AMC, Season 6)
Peter Gould ’90 (Executive Producer/Director/Writer)
Gordon Smith ’08 (Executive Producer/Director/Writer)

The Big Conn (Apple TV+, Season 1)
Chris McKinley ’01 (Editor)

The Big D (TBS, Season 1)
Kevin Lee ’90, ’12 (Executive Producer)

The Black Hamptons (BET+, Mini-Series)
Myra Barrera ’16 (Production Designer)

Boo, Bitch (Netflix, Mini-Series)
Tim Schauer ’18 (Co-Producer/Writer/Actor)
Kuba Soltysiak ’18 (Co-Producer/Writer/Actor)

The Boys (Amazon Prime Video, Season 3)
Ori Marmur ’93 (Dornsife) (Executive Producer)
Stephan Szpak-Fleet ’07 (Associate Producer)
Christopher Lennertz ’95 (Thornton) (Music)

Candy (Hulu, Season 1)
Robin Veith ’96 (Dramatic Arts) (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer)
Michael Uppendahl ’98 (Dramatic Arts) (Executive Producer/Director)
Elise Brown ’18 (Writer)

Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story (Hulu, Mini-Series)
Peter Rieveschl ’93 (SCA and Dornsife) (Producer)

Charmed (CW, Season 4)
Christina Piña 13 (Writer)

City on a Hill (Showtime, Season 3)
Chuck MacLean 11 (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer)
Jennifer Todd (Executive Producer)

Dancing With Myself (NBC, Season 1)
Eli Frankel ’95 (Executive Producer)

Deadliest Catch (Discovery, Season 18)
Camerin Plew ’21 (Associate Producer)
Eric Wostenberg ’05 (Associate Producer/Coordinating Producer/Story Producer)
Ciara Lunger ’17 (Annenberg) (Associate Producer/Story Producer)
Gregory Cornejo ’04 (Editor)

Deadliest Catch: Bloodline (Discovery, Season 3)
Ciara Lunger ’17 (Annenberg) (Associate Producer/Story Producer)
Gregory Cornejo ’04 (Editor)

Don’t Forget the Lyrics (Fox, Season 1)
Dara Digerolamo (Dornsife) (Associate Director)

Dr. Pimple Popper (TLC, Season 8)
David Miraglia ’00 (Sound Editor)

Fantasy Island (Fox, Season 2)
Mary Angelica Molina ’06 (Writer)

The First Lady (Showtime, Season 1)
Azia Squire ’15 (Co-Producer/Writer)

Five Days at Memorial (Apple TV+)
Torin Borrowdale ’13 (Thornton) (Composer)
Luyen Vu ’02 (Editor)

The Fixers (BYUtv, Season 3)
Brian Gibson ’98 (Executive Producer)

The Flight Attendant (HBO Max, Season 2)
Cort Fey ’97 (Cinematographer)

The Future Of (Netflix, Documentary)
Shawn Levy ’94 (Executive Producer)

Gaslit (STARZ, Season 1)
Robbie Pickering ’06 (Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer)
Franklin Peterson ’07 (Editor)
Lauren Connelly ’06 (Editor)
Adam Parrish King ’06 (Sound Effects Editor)
Stefani Feldman ’15 (Thornton) (Co-Supervising Sound Editor)

George Carlin’s American Dream (HBO/HBO Max, Documentary)
Judd Apatow (Executive Producer/Director)
Brad Bergbom ’92 (Production Mixer)
Kevin Rosen Quan ’05 (Production Mixer)

Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine (Discovery Channel, Season 4)
Edward Gorsuch ’87 (Co-Executive Producer/Director)

Hacks (HBO Max, Season 2)
Aisha Imami Muharrar (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)
Adam Bricker ’08 (Director of Photography)
Susan Vaill ’00 (Editor)

The Hardy Boys (Hulu, Season 2)
Jason Stone ’08 (Executive Producer/Director/Writer)

How to Change Your Mind (Netflix, Mini-Series)
Julian Cautherley ’00 (Co-Executive Producer)

iCarly (Paramount+, Season 2)
Miranda Cosgrove (Dornsife) (Executive Producer/Actor)
Alison Schouten ’12 (Executive Producer)

I Love That For You (Showtime, Season 1)
Megan Ellison (Executive Producer)

The Last Movie Stars (HBO Max, Documentary)
Adam Gibbs ’08 (Dornsife) (Producer)

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO Max, Season 9)
Maya Tribbitt ’21 (Annenberg) (Research Associate Producer)

Lego Masters (Fox, Season 3)
D.J. Nurre ’01 (Executive Producer/Producer)
Cody Shelton ’02 (Consulting Producer)
Fernanda Cardoso ’00 (Editor)

Lives, Not Grades (PBS)
Daniel Druhora ’14 (Producer/Director/Writer)
Rommel Villa ’18 (Editor)

Long Slow Exhale (Spectrum Originals, Season 1)
Pam Veasey ’84 (Dornsife and Annenberg) (Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer)
Casey Haver ’08 (Annenberg) (Executive Producer)

Love, Death & Robots (Netflix, Season 3)
Andy Lyon ’08 (Director/Writer)

Love, Victor (Hulu, Season 3)
Jason Ensler ’97 (Executive Producer/Director)

Maggie (Hulu, Season 1)
Evan Hayes ’02 (Executive Producer)
Jaffar Mahmood ’02 (Director)

The Man Who Fell to Earth (Showtime, Season 1)
Bartholomew Burcham ’03 (Editor)
Jon Dudkowski ’00 (Editor)

Ms. Marvel (Disney+, Season 1)
Kevin Feige ’95 (Executive Producer)
Meera Menon ’11 (Director)

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2022 (Nickelodeon)
Miranda Cosgrove (Dornsife) (Host)

Night Sky (Prime Video, Season 1)
Joe Dzuban ’04 (Re-Recording Mixer)
Jamie Hardt ’00 (Re-Recording Mixer)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+, Season 1)
George Lucas ’66 (Writer)
Danielle Dupre ’11 (Thornton) (Re-Recording Mixer)

Only Murders in the Building (Hulu, Season 2)
Matteo Borghese ’11 (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)
Rob Turbovsky ’11 (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)
Joshua Allen Griffith ’16 (Writer)

The Orville: New Horizons (Hulu, Season 3)
Jeremy Scott Olsen ’99 (Thornton) (ADR Mixer/Additional Dialogue Recording)

Pandemic Pillow Talk (Web Series)
Summer Moore ’98 (Dornsife) (Creator/Producer/Writer)
Wendy Benge ’98 (Dornsife) (Director)

Paper Girls (Amazon Prime Video)
Christopher Cantwell ’04 (Executive Producer)

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (HBO Max)
Danielle Iman ’18 (Writer)

Players (Paramount+)
Marcella Serano ’05 (Editor)

Rap Sh!t (HBO Max)
Sadé Clacken Joseph ’18 (Director)
Nina Gloster ’13 (Writer)
Josie Azzam ’12 (Editor)

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (Peacock, Season 2)
Scott Dickson ’88 (Editor)

The Real World: Homecoming (Paramount+, Season 2)
Kevin Lee ’90, ’12 (Executive Producer)
Calvin Callaway ’03 (Cinematographer)
Alex Rosenbloom ’07 (Editor)

Resident Evil (Netflix, Season 1)
Lindsey Villarreal ’13 (Writer/Executive Story Editor)
Evan Schrodek ’12 (Editor)

The Sandman (Netflix)
David S. Goyer ’88 (Executive Producer/Writer)

See (AppleTV+)
Todd Sharp ’91 (Marshall) (Co-Executive Producer)
Michael Clarkson ’17 (Consulting Producer)
Soo Hugh ’06 (Consulting Producer)
Shelley Meals (Writer)
Bear Mccreary ’02 (Thornton) (Composer)

The Staircase (HBO Max, Season 1)
Megan Ellison (Executive Producer)

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount +, Season 1)
Akela Cooper ’06 (Executive Producer)

Stranger Things (Netflix, Season 4)
Shawn Levy ’94 (Executive Producer/Director)

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Amazon Prime, Season 1)
Nne Ebong ’96 (SCA and Annenberg) (Executive Producer)

Tales of the Walking Dead (AMC)
Scott M. Gimple ’93 (Executive Producer/Writer)
Lindsey Villarreal ’13 (Consulting Producer/Writer)
Ron Underwood ’74 (Director)
Ben Sokolowski ’06 (Writer)
Jeffrey Glaser ’15 (Editor)

That Damn Michael Che (HBO Max, Season 2)
Alice Mathias ’11 (Executive Producer/Director)

This Fool (Hulu)
Dantonio Alvarez ’04 (Co-Producer)

The Time Traveller’s Wife
Susan Vaill ’00 (Editor)

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Netflix, Season 1)
Wilton Cruz ’00 (Editor)

Uncoupled (Netflix, Season 1)
Darren Star (Dramatic Arts) (Showrunner/Executive Producer)

The Upshaws (Netflix, Season 2)
Robbie Countryman ’88 (SCA and Annenberg) (Director)
Chuck Ozeas ’91 (Cinematographer)

They Call Me Magic (Apple TV+, Limited Docu-series)
Rick Famuyiwa ’96 (Executive Producer/Director)
Monique Zavistovski ’03 (Co-Producer/Editor)
Ruben Contreras ’14 (Cinematographer)
Jay Visit ’08 (Cinematographer)
William Znidaric ’96 (Editor)

The Thing About Pam (NBC, Mini-Series)
Jenny Klein 07 (Showrunner/Executive Producer/Writer)

Under the Banner of Heaven
Brian Grazer ’74 (Dornsife) (Executive Producer)
Ron Howard (Executive Producer)
Gina Welch (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)

What We Do in the Shadows (FX, Season 4)
Yana Gorskaya ’02 (Co-Executive Producer/Director)

The Wilds (Amazon Prime Video, Season 2)
Sarah Streicher ’12 (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer)

Ziwe (Showtime, Season 2)
Jen Proctor ’08 (Annenberg) (Talent Producer)

Films in Release

18 ½
Dan Mirvish 94 (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor)
Daniel Moya 17 (Writer/Producer)
Terry Keefe 91 (Producer)
Sebastian Twardosz 93 (Executive Producer)
Tanner Cusumano ’23 (Gould) (Associate Producer)
Elle Schneider ’08 (Director of Photography)

Dan Chen ’11 (Director)
Jesse Einstein (Producer)
Angelique Molina ’16 (Associate Producer)
Daphne Qin Wu ’11 (Cinematographer)
Arielle Zakowski ’12 (Editor)
Nathan Matthew David (Composer)
Kari Barber ’12 (Sound)
Angela Asistio ’12 (Music Supervisor)

Alone Together
Shaun Sanghani ’05 (Producer)

Along for the Ride (Netflix)
Eric Newman ’96 (Producer)

Chris Fedak ’98 (Writer)
James Vanderbilt ’99 (Producer)
Erik Aadahl ’98 (Sound Designer/Sound Editor)

As They Made Us
Monica Salazar ’13 (Editor)
David Feeney-Mosier (Cinematographer)

Natalie Lehmann 11 (Executive Producer)

Ryan Engle 01 (Writer)
Tony Ducret 17 (Executive Producer)

The Black Phone
Scott Derrickson ’95 (Director/Writer/Producer)

Boo Hag or Shadowman
Emily Maya Mills ’21 (Director)
Jalen Young ’22 (Writer)

Breaking (892)
Abi Damaris Corbin 16 (Director/Screenwriter/ Executive Producer)
Harrison Kreiss ’11 (Marshall) (Co-Executive Producer)
Elena Bawiec 16 (Co-Producer)
Michael Abels ’84 (Thornton) (Composer)
Peter Bawiec ’15 (Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer)

The Bubble (Netflix)
Judd Apatow (Director/Writer/Producer)
Iris Apatow ’27 (Actor)

Cha Cha Real Smooth (Apple TV+)
Cristina Dunlap ’09 (Director of Photography)

David Bezmozgis ’99 (Writer)

The Devil You Know
Geofrey Hildrew ’03 (Editor)

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Kevin Feige ’95 (Producer)
Scott Derrickson ’95 (Executive Producer)
Addison Teague ’02 (Sound Editor)

Emergency (Amazon Prime Video)
K.D. Davila ’13 (Screenwriter/Executive Producer)
Joenique C. Rose ’10 (Rossier) (Co-Producer)
Madison Thompson ’23 (Actor)

Emily the Criminal
Lowell Shapiro ’03 (SCA and Dornsife) (Executive Producer)

Fiddler’s Journey to the Big Screen
Adam Parrish King ’06 (Sound Editor)

John Carpenter (Composer)

First Love
Lucas Jarach ’98 (Producer)

Alberto Belli ’12 (Director/Editor)
Xing-Mai Deng ’16 (Cinematographer)
Brian Sergott ’17 (Steadicam)

Gone in the Night

Shaun Sanghani ’05 (Producer)

David Bolen ’13 (Cinematographer)
Good Mourning
A.J. Dickerson ’02 (Editor)

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between (Netflix)
Michael Lewen 11 (Director)

Honor Society (Paramount +)
Michael Lewen 11 (Producer)

I Love My Dad
James Morosini ’14 (Dramatic Arts) (Director/Writer/Actor)

Jurassic World: Dominion
John Schwartzman (Director of Photography)

The Last Victim
Shaun Sanghani ’05 (Producer)

Luck (Apple TV+)
David Ellison (Producer)

Rupert Maconick ’92 (Producer)

Minions: The Rise of Gru
Brad Ableson ’97 (Co-Director)

Chris Sivertson ’97 (Director)
Anjoum Agrama ’16 (Editor)

Montana Story
Isaac Hagy ’06 (Editor)

Moon Garden
Ryan Stevens Harris ’06 (Director/Writer/Executive Producer/Editor)
John Michael Elfers ’04 (Producer)

Michael Abels ’84 (Thornton) (Composer)

On the Count of Three
David Carrico ’12 (Dornsife) (Producer)

On Time
Xavier Burgin ’15 (Director)
Mario Ricardo ’17 (Director of Photography)

Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank
Bear McCreary ’02 (Thornton) (Composer)

Private Property
Lucas Jarach ’98 (Producer)
Shaun Sanghani ’05 (Producer)

The Ravine
Phillip B. Goldfine ’86 (Producer)

The Sanctity of Space
Logan Nelson ’19 (Thornton) (Composer)

Secret Headquarters
Christopher L. Yost ’02 (Writer)
Orlee-Rose Strauss ’13 (Executive Producer)

See You Then
Matthew Miller ’95 (Producer)

Senior Year
Sarah Lucky ’01 (Editor)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Neal H. Moritz ’85 (Producer)
Erik Aadahl ’98 (Sound Editor/Sound Designer)

Thirteen Lives
Ron Howard (Director/Producer)
Brian Grazer ’74 (Dornsife) (Producer)

Thor: Love and Thunder
Kevin Feige ’95 (Producer)
Brad Winderbaum ‘05 (Producer)

Top Gun: Maverick
David Ellison (Producer)
Gary Rydstrom ’81 (Sound Design Consultant)

Trees of Peace
Kiran Pallegadda (Editor)

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
Harrison Kreiss ’11 (Marshall) (Co-Producer)

Debra Neil-Fisher ’80 (Director)
Adam Hendricks ’03 (Producer)

¡Viva Maestro!
Ted Braun ’88 (Director/Writer/Producer)

Wedding Season (Netflix)
Brian Grazer ’74 (Dornsife) (Executive Producer)
Ron Howard (Executive Producer)
David L. Bertman ’96 (Editor)
Jongnic Bontemps ’12 (Thornton) (Composer)
Raashi Kulkarni ’18 (Thornton) (Composer)

The White Fortress
Borga Dorter ’05 (Producer)

Wolf Hound
Peter Bawiec ’15 (Sound Editor)
Joshua Paul Johnson ’15 (Sound Editor)

Wrong Place
George Furla ’82 (Marshall) (Producer)