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By joining the USC School of Cinematic Arts Leadership Circle group of alumni, family and friends, you will have the opportunity to shape the future now and for generations to come.

Members of the USC School of Cinematic Arts Leadership Circle receive a variety of courtesies recognizing their special relationship with SCA. When you contribute to the Cinematic Arts Leadership Circle, you are directly sustaining the excellence of the first - and most widely respected - film, television, and interactive media arts and entertainment program in the country. Through these special lifetime memberships, the Cinematic Arts Leadership Circle provides vital resources for crucial needs.

To learn more about the SCA Leadership Circle courtesies, please click here.

All courtesies subject to change. These courtesies are effective as of November 1, 2019.
*Available to alumni and current students of SCA.
**Some exceptions apply (e.g. Junior USC Associates).

For more information, please contact Jenny Hansen.