Hot Sheet March 2010


R.J. Cutler
Will direct the teen drama The Au Pairs as a follow up to The September Issue.

Stephen Dinehart '06
Is speaking on the subject of his SCA Thesis project at the European Broadcasters Union event TEDxTransmedia in April.

Dana Fox '00
Will produce the adaptation of the LA Weekly story How to Get Divorced by 30 for Universal.

Sam Friedlander 06
Produced the independent feature film Thanks.  Fellor Alumnus Jesse Eisenhardt 06 was the Director of Photography. Jeff Prugh 06 served as Production Manager, and Jesse Wheeler 06 edited the film.

Phil Kubel '97 and Amy Zimmerman
Were awarded a regional Emmy for their special report on Dubai for HRTV.

Jeff Malmberg '94
Won the grand jury prize at SXSW for his documentary Marwencol.  Fellow alumni Tom Putman'94, Matt Radecki '94, Chris Shellon '94, and Kevin Walsh '94 all served as producers.

Matt Kunitz '90
Has signed a deal to expand his deal at Endemol.  He is the executive producer of Wipeout.

Steve Michaels '93
Is executive producing Addicted for TLC and The Locator for WE as CEO and President of Asylum Entertainment.

Neal Moritz '85
Will produce the body switching comedy The Change Up about a family man switching bodies with a man child for Universal.

Antonio Negret '04
Is currently directing the horror/thriller Seconds Apart for Lionsgate.

Charles Roven: will produce the remake of Gilligan's Island for Warner Brothers and Atlas Entertainment.

Alex Simon '90
Who the first prize at the Cinequest Film Festival Screenwriting Competition for The Baron of Havana.

James Vanderbilt '99
Will have his mystery script Murder Mystery produced by Disney.

Films and TV Shows

82nd Annual Academy Awards
Bill Mechanic '79.

The Bounty Hutner
Neal Moritz '85 Producer;
Ori Marmur Executive Producer;
Andy Tennant Director.

Michael Fimogmari '01 Camera.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Gabe Sachs '84 Screenplay.

Our Family Wedding
Edward Saxon '84 Producer;
Rick Famuyira '96 Writer/Director.

Remember Me
Nicholas Osborne ‘97 Producer;
Trevor Engelson ‘98 Producer.

Repo Men
Garrett Lerner '95 Screenplay;
Marco Beltrami Music.

Robin Weiner '90 Co-executive Producer.