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First Jobs Testimonials



Laurie J. Gardiner: Master of Fine Arts - Film & Television Production 2018
First jobs has truly been my saving grace! With the help of this program, I was able to go on a number of interviews and connect with phenomenal executives immediately following graduation in 2018. By 2019, I landed an incredible position working as an Executive Coordinator at Asylum Entertainment. I am super blessed to be working amongst some of the best in Hollywood and I truly couldn't have done it without the help of First Jobs. Sign up today; you won't regret it!

Olivia Tapia: Business of Cinematic Arts 2019
The Industry Relations Office is the best! They go above and beyond to help new alumni jumpstart their careers within the entertainment industry through the First Jobs program. Everyone at the office truly cares and takes the time to meet with students and alumni across all SCA disciples to give them advice on how to reach their career goals. When I was about to graduate, the entire Industry Relations team in First Jobs utilized their contacts from years of experience in the industry to ensure that my resume was seen by hiring managers at major entertainment companies from all across the industry. Nobody cares more about helping alumni get their foot in the door in the entertainment industry and I am so grateful to have them on my side during the job application process! 

Rebecca Singer: Bachelor of Arts- Cinema & Media Studies 2019
The USC First Jobs program has been nothing short of miraculous in helping me acquire my first job post-graduation. Finding a job at any stage can be daunting, but the program supported and encouraged me through every step of the process. From its invaluable guidance to its relentless follow-through, the First Jobs Program champions its participants to success and gives them the knowledge and confidence to boldly enter into their professional careers after USC. This program has made me proud to be an SCA graduate, and I hope to make USC equally as proud of me in the future.

Brandon Hall: Master of Fine Arts- Film & Television Production 2017
First Jobs has been an oasis in a desert of job application black holes. I have no idea how resumes get seen, but responding to job board postings with a resume and a thoughtfully written cover letter does not seem to do the trick. First Jobs, Aaron Kaplan, and Lisa Fox, specifically, have taken on the role of agent for USC alumni, pulling our resumes from the scrap heap of anonymity and providing advocacy where else there'd be none. All without taking a commission! The first couple years out of school are notoriously difficult; having First Jobs on my team has saved me from a few crises of the soul. I'm so grateful to Industry Relations and the whole First Jobs team.

Andrew Reid: Master of Fine Arts- Film & Television Production 2017
The USC First Jobs program has been instrumental in jump starting my career. Having the opportunity to work at Pearl Street Films upon graduation has introduced me to top tier filmmakers, creative executives and agents in the film industry. First Jobs has served as a bridge for me to transition from student to full time work. As I continue to grow as a filmmaker, I will forever be grateful for the support and network USC has provided me!



Kinetic Content, Eric Detwiler, SCA Alum
“Working with the USC First Jobs program couldn’t have been easier. We had a list of pre-vetted, qualified candidates for our position in a matter of hours. Each person we interviewed for the job was well prepared and we able to make a great hire for the company."

Stone & Company Entertainment, Scott Stone, SCA Alum
“The true test of the caliber of talent we get from the SCA First Jobs program is the fact that many are still working with us months, even years later.  As long as there is a First Jobs, we will go to them first.”

Iwerks & Co., Leslie Iwerks, SCA Alum
“The First Jobs program was an invaluable resource in helping us find the right candidate for a position we needed to fill. It was a seamless and convenient way to bring in budding talent graduating from the premiere film school. The program associates were incredibly helpful all throughout the process.”

Rebel Entertainment Partners, Joyce Goertzen, SCA Alum
“In years past when we have needed to hire new assistants, we used employment agencies and websites, placed ads in all of the trades, and spent countless hours reviewing resumes and interviewing. Hands down, our best candidates for interns and permanent hires have come from USC. Their First Jobs Program offers top-caliber new hires that are better disciplined and better prepared to jump into the work force than other applicants. The curriculum available to these candidates as students is multi-faceted and goes well beyond advanced academics; the programs offered promote inclusion and ethical business practices. There is a discernable difference in the well-roundedness of the candidates we have hired from USC’s First Jobs Program.”

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Our office of Industry Relations continues to operate remotely as a career resource for alumni and students. If you are in a position to hire in any capacity at this time, they are happy to recommend talented Trojans who might be a good fit.