Hot Sheet January-March 2023

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Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum ‘99 will direct an adaptation of Anya Blau’s novel Mary Jane for 3000 Pictures.
Michael Basha ‘18 wrote the script Sang Froid, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Vanessa Block ‘13 (Keck) wrote the script They Came From a Broken World, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Evan Bregman ‘08 was named to the LA TV Week 40 Under 40 class of 2023.
Ingrid Escajeda ‘02 signed a first look deal with Universal Television.
Paul Feig ‘84 will produce a film adaptation of the novel Suburban Hell alongside Sam Raimi for Legendary Entertainment.
Andrew Ferguson wrote the script Subversion, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Gabby Fizman’s ’22 comedy, Holy Smokes, won a $40,000 award from Kevin Smith on behalf of Roman Coppola’s new film platform, Decentralized Pictures.
James Gray ’91 will direct Ezekiel Moss for Focus Features. Brian Grazer ’74 and Ron Howard, co-founders of Imagine Entertaiment, signed a first-look deal with Amazon for Imagine’s feature films and documentaries. Jean Kyoung Frazier ‘16 (Dornsife) wrote the script Pizza Girl, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Peter Haig ‘18 wrote the script Fog of War, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Bradley Kaaya Jr. ‘22 wrote the script The Homestead, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Kelley Kali ‘17 signed with The Gersh Agency following the success of her film I’m Fine (Thanks For Asking).
Kyle Killen ‘97 will write and executive produce Netflix’s series Man on Fire, adapted from the 2004 feature film starring Denzel Washington.
Julie Lipson ‘11 wrote the script Trap, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Will Lowell ‘14 wrote the script Match Cat, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Charlie McDowell ‘14 will direct and produce the film adaptation of Tove Jansson’s novel The Summer Book, with Glenn Close set to star.
Corey Mertes ‘89 had his debut collection of short stories published by Cornerstone Press as part of its Legacy Series.
James Morosini ‘14 (SDA) wrote the script Pop, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Peter Podgursky and Bryan Keithley ‘07 released the dark-comedy, post-apocalyptic podcast series "NPRmageddon," which spans 10 episodes.
Matt Reeves ‘88 is set to showrun Warner Bros.’ limited series about Buster Keaton. His production company, 6th & Idaho Productions, is also producing the project.
Kaushik Sampath ‘14 and Neil Creque Williams ‘12 have been selected as a Fellow in the inaugural Blumhouse and K Period Media Screamwriting Fellowship. Kaushik and Williams are two of nine fellows selected to participate in this program created in partnership with the Sundance Institute. 
Kevin Sheridan ‘05 (SDA) wrote the script Colors of Authority, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Ian Shorr ‘08 wrote the script The House in the Crooked Forest, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Chad Stahelski ‘90 is set to direct the film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s game Rainbow Six.
Max Taxe ‘11 wrote the script Ripple, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Matthew Tennant ‘22 wrote the script The Boy Houdini, selected for the 2022 Black List.
Rawson Marshall Thurber ‘99 will direct the first episode of Paramount +’s Dungeons and Dragons live-action series. He also penned the pilot script.
Chris Van Dusen ‘03 will executive produce Netflix’s series adaptation of the novel They Both Die at the End.
Carly Wray ‘05 and Lee Toland Krieger will executive produce the Warner Bros. TV series Souvenir, Alaska. Krieger is also set to direct the pilot.

New Films in Release

A Good Person
Christina Piovesan ‘04 (Producer)

Alex Convery ‘14 (Writer)
Jason Michael Berman ‘06 (Producer)
David Ellison (Producer)

Alone at Night
Siena Oberman ‘20 (Producer)
Fernanda Cardoso ‘00 (Editor)

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
Kevin Feige ‘95 (Producer)

A Thousand and One
Julia Lebedev ‘06 (Producer)

At Midnight
Jonah Feingold ‘13 (Director/Writer)

Baby Ruby
Lauren Beveridge ‘17 (Producer)

Anna Schwartz ‘17 (Associate Producer)

Creed III
Ryan Coogler ‘11 (Writer/Producer)
Dezi Gallegos ‘18 (Co-Producer)

God’s Time
Jon Poll ‘81 (Editor)

House Party
Andrew Huebscher ‘99 (Cinematographer)

John Wick 4
Chad Stahelski ‘90 (Director)

Knock at the Cabin
Steve Desmond ‘05 (Writer)
Michael Sherman ’04 (Writer)

Quinn Armstrong (Associate Producer)
Michael Orion Downing ‘19 (Associate Producer)

Akela Cooper ‘06 (Writer)
Adam Hendricks ‘03 (Executive Producer)

Celine Haddad ‘99 (Executive Producer)

William Merrick ‘15 (Writer/Director)
Aneesh Chaganty ‘13 (Writer/Producer)
Natalie Qasabian ‘14 (Producer)
Congyu E ‘14 (Co-Producer)
Steven Holleran ‘12 (Cinematographer)
Austin Keeling ‘13 (Editor)
Arielle Zakowski ‘12 (Editor)
Storm Reid ‘25 (SDA) (Actor)

Murder Mystery 2 (Netflix)
James Vanderbilt ‘99 (Producer/Writer)

The Offering
Sam Schulte ‘14 (Marshall) (Producer)

The Old Way
Frederick Wardell ‘85 (Editor)
Ness Saban (Executive Producer)

On Sacred Ground
Alex Parslow ‘15 (Associate Producer)

Out of Exile
Jim Staples (Executive Producer)

Emma Ago ‘13 (Co-Producer)

Remember This
Alexander Hyde (Marshall) (Co-Producer)

Sam & Kate (Peacock)
Ryan Winterstern ‘11 (Executive Producer)

Scream VI
James Vanderbilt ‘99 (Producer/Writer)

When You Finish Saving the World
Sara Shaw (Editor)

You People
Jamie Nelson ‘08 (Editor)

Your Place or Mine
Emily Ferenbach (Executive Producer)

New Series in Release

1000-lb Best Friends (TLC)
Maggie Holly ‘98 (Associate Producer)

Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches (AMC)
Michael Uppendahl ‘98 (Executive Producer/Director)
Mary Molina ‘06 (Writer)

America’s Got Talent: All Stars (NBC)
Dan Bowen ‘92 (Producer)
Kevin Blum ‘98 (Editor)
Shawn Gutierrez ‘03 (Editor)

The Ark (Peacock)
Rebecca Rosenberg ‘17 (Story Editor)

The Big Door Prize (Apple TV+)
David Ellison (Executive Producer)
Diane Qi ‘15 (Writer)

Blood & Money (CNBC)
Stephen Neely ‘01 (Co-Executive Producer)

BMF (Starz)
Garen Thomas ‘15 (Writer/Executive Story Editor)

Boys in Blue (Showtime)
Giselle Rodriguez ‘14 (Dornsife) (Co-Executive Producer)
Marcella Serrano ‘05 (Editor)

The Company You Keep (ABC)
John M. Chu ‘03 (Executive Producer)
Cori Uchida ‘03 (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)
Lana Cho ‘01 (Consulting Producer)
Talia Lidia ‘12 (Editor)

The Cupcake Guys (Roku)
FredAnthony Smith ‘02 (Executive Producer)

Daisy Jones and the Six (Prime)
Jenny Klein ‘07 (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)

Dear Edward (Apple TV+)
Michelle Lirtzman ‘13 (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)
Jaffar Mahmood ‘02 (Director)
Romi Barta ‘13 (Co-Producer/Writer)

Fantasy Island (Fox)
Brook Sitgraves Turner ‘11 (Writer/Executive Story Editor)
Mark Grossan ‘77 (Producer)

Found (History)
Charissa Sanjarernsuithikul ‘02 (Director)
Cameron Johnson ‘18 (Writer)
Zoe Marshall ‘15 (Writer)

Full Swing (Netflix)
Marcella Serrano ‘05 (Editor)

Ginny & Georgia (Netflix)
Kale Futterman ‘17 (Writer)

Gold, Lies & Videotape (Discovery+)
Alex Alonso ‘99 (Dornsife) (Producer)
Jacques Brautbar ‘16 (Thornton) (Composer)

Hello Tomorrow! (Apple TV+)
Amit Bhalla ‘06 (Executive Producer/Writer)

History’s Greatest Heists With Pierce Brosnan (History)
Scott Hartford ‘95 (Executive Producer)
Mary Donahue ‘68 (Marshall) (Executive Producer)

History’s Greatest of All Time with Peyton Manning (History)
Mary Donahue ‘68 (Marshall) (Executive Producer)

History of the World, Part II (Hulu)
Alice Mathias ‘11 (Co-Executive Producer/Director)
David Stassen ‘04 (Director/Writer)
Trish Hadley ‘09 (Associate Producer)

Kaleidoscope (Netflix)
Eric Garcia ‘94 (Dornsife) (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer)
Garrett Lerner ‘95 (Executive Producer/Writer)

Killing Country (Hulu)
Jeremy Phillips (Editor)

Kitchen Commando (Tubi)
Megan Peterson ‘06 (Story Producer)

Lucky Hank (AMC)
Jean Kyoung Frazier ‘16 (Writer)

The Mandalorian (Disney+)
Rick Famuyiwa ‘96 (Executive Producer/Director)
George Lucas ‘66 (Writer)
Ludwig Görannson ’08 (MUS) (Composer)

Married by Mistake (E!)
Robyn Wiener ‘90 (Line Producer)

MILF Manor (TLC)
Scott Fitzgerald ‘01 (Editor)

Murf the Surf (MGM+)
Ron Howard (Executive Producer)
Trevor Smith ‘11 (Executive Producer)
Brian Grazer ‘74 (Dornsife) (Executive Producer)

The Night Agent (Netflix)
James Vanderbilt ‘99 (Executive Producer)
Guy Ferland ‘8 8 (Director)
Tiffany Shaw Ho ‘17 (Writer)
Ashley Carr ‘08 (Associate Producer)

Night Court (NBC)
Lon Zimmet (Writer)
Kapil Talwalkar ‘15 (Dornsife/SDA) (Actor)

Nikki Bella Says I Do (E!)
Michelle Peerali ‘10 (Executive Producer/Director)

Not Dead Yet (ABC)
Josh Greenberg ‘00 (Co-Executive Producer/Writer)
Chris Koch ‘05 (Director)
Eddie Quintana ‘06 (Writer)
Thomas M. Bolger ‘76 (Roski) (Editor)

Outlast (Netflix)
Brett McVicker ‘05 (Supervising Producer)

Paul T. Goldman (Peacock)
Megan Ellison (Executive Producer)
Jody McVeigh-Schultz ‘05 (Editor)

Perfect Match (Netflix)
Eric Detwiler ‘02 (Annenberg) (Executive Producer)
Anthony Gonzales ‘00 (Director)

Poker Face (Peacock)
Rian Johnson ‘96 (Executive Producer/Director/Writer)
Nora Zuckerman ‘98 (Executive Producer/Writer)
Jaron Presant ‘97 (Cinematographer)
Steve Yedlin ‘96 (Cinematographer)
Bob Ducsay (Editor)
Glenn Garland ‘88 ( Editor)

Pressure Cooker (Netflix)
Michael Agbabian ‘92 (Executive Producer)
Matt McUsic ‘03 (Supervising Producer)

Queens Court (Peacock)
Greg Cornejo ‘04 (Editor)

RapCaviar Presents (Hulu)
Farah Khalid ‘00 (Director)

Ready to Love (OWN)
JaSaun Butler ‘10 (Annenberg) (Supervising Producer)
Sara Mardam-Bey ‘14 (SDA) (Story Producer)
Desireh Sedaghat ‘04 (Editor)

Restaurants at the End of the World (National Geographic)
Jeremy Simmons ‘97 (Executive Producer/Director)

Ride (Hallmark)
Ari Posner ‘93 (Composer)

School Spirits (Paramount+)
Max Winkler ‘06 (Executive Producer/Director)
Nate Trinrud ‘17 ( Writer/Executive Producer)

Shrinking (Apple TV+)
Jeff Ingold ‘94 (Executive Producer)

Sometimes When We Touch (Paramount+)
Kyle Yaskin ‘96 (Editor)

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+)
George Lucas ‘66 (Writer)
Gina Lucita Monreal ‘08 (Writer)
Ezra W. Nachman (Writer)
Christopher L. Yost ‘02 (Writer)

Swarm (Amazon Prime Video)
Ali Greer ‘16 (Editor)

That 90’s Show (Netflix)
Scott Ashby ‘94 (Thornton) (Editor)

Unprisoned (Hulu)
Shiri Appleby (SDA) (Director)
Mikael Levin ‘10 (Cinematogrpher)

The Watchful Eye (Freeform)
Charissa Sanjarernsuithikul ‘02 (Director)

Waco: American Apocalypse (Netflix)
Tiller Russell ‘01 (Executive Producer/Director)
Greg Tillman ‘96 (Executive Producer)
Edwin Zane ‘93 (Executive Producer)

Wolf Pack (Paramount+)
Jason Ensler ‘97 (Executive Producer/Director)
Dino Meneghin ‘00 (Composer)
Vanik Moradian ‘88 (Editor) ‘

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