School of Cinematic Arts Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Kyle Ackerman

Senior Director, Corporate Relations

Alex F. Ago

Director of Programming and Special Projects

Andrew Allen

Sound Engineering Technician

Marcus Kohl Anderson

Director of Student Services

Elena Aquino

Administrative Coordinator

Teresa Arocho

Human Resources Manager

Alan Baker

Associate Dean, Administration & International Projects

Cassondra Balynas

Administrative Assistant II

Teresita P. Bautista

Office Manager, Dean's Office

Bryce Bernal

Computer Services Consultant II

Kristin Borella

Associate Dean, Communications & Public Relations

Sean Kyle Bouchard

Game Lab Research Associate

Sandrine Pascale Cassidy

Director, Festivals and Distribution

Maria Cheteboune

Administrative Assistant I

Bonnie Alain Chi

Director, Industry Relations
Part-Time Lecturer

Anne Yong Ah Choi

Student Services Coordinator

Jerilyn Clayton

Payroll/Personnel Coordinator

Alicia Cornish

Student Service Advisor

Bhanu Cruz

Assistant Dean

Kristen Wiley Davis

Writing Program Coordinator

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