Hot Sheet January 2007


Brad Ableson '97
Completed his eleventh season as storyboard artist on The Simpsons, and is currently working on The Simpsons Movie.

Jim Bernstein '91
Sold his sitcom pilot Shane to CBS.

Jeff Betancourt
Is a director for Mandate Picture's Boogeyman 2.

Jeffrey Blitz '97
Received a directing awards in the dramatic section at Sundance 2007 for Rocket Science.

Arvin Chen
His thesis film Mei was accepted into the Short Film Competition (Silver Bear) at the Berlin International Film Festival.

R.J. Cutler
Is putting together a TV series called Facebook Diaries, which will give Facebook members a chance to submit their videos documenting their lives and possibly be picked to air on the series.

Jonathan M. Dillon '06
Directed, produced and edited his first feature film Rigged.

Bob Ducsay '86
Will produce Mummy 3 along with his partner Stephen Sommers.

Richard Edlund '60
Received the John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation by the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Dave Erickson
Wrote Canterbury's Law pilot for Fox.

Chris Fedak '98
Will co-executive produce Chuck, an action comedy TV Show about twentysomething spies, which he co-wrote with Josh Schwartz.

Samantha Goodman '92
Has teamed with Barry Josephson, Eileen Gallagher, Ann McManus, and Andy Stern for a TV drama about nurses for Fox.

Alfred Gough '94
Has co-written Mummy 3 for Universal Pictures.

Brian Grazer '74
Will produce a feature based on the life of James Brown, which will be directed by Spike Lee for Paramount and Imagine Entertainment; will produce the feature adaptation of The Emperor's Children for Universal Pictures and Imagine.

Kimberly Lofstrom Johnson '98
Sold her first screenplay Curve, which will be directed by Jamie Vanderbilt.

Michael Lehmann '85
Will direct Family of the Year, ABC's 20th Century Fox TV produced comedy.

Doug Liman
Will co-executive produce the small-screen take on Mr. & Mrs. Smith for ABC.

William Lorton '04
Received an honorable mention at Sundance 2007 for Spitfire 944, which he directed.

Ricardo Mendez Matta
Co-wrote and directed Ladrones y Mentirosos aka Thieves and Liars, which was Puerto Rico's official entry for the Foreign Language Oscar.

Miles Millar '94
Has co-written Mummy 3 for Universal Pictures.

Kam Miller '02
Got a blind-script pilot deal with Paramount Television and will be developing pilots.

Neal Moritz '85
Will produce for Columbia Pictures and Original Pictures a remake of The Tingler, a Vincent Price 1959 frightener about a mad scientist who can scare people to death.

Mark Patricof
Has co-founded adTV, a website similar to YouTube, which will enable users to be able to search for specific ads and commercials.

Jason Reitman '99
Will direct Juno, a coming-of-age comedy, which will star Jennifer Garner.

Josh Schwartz '99
Had his second pilot, Gossip Girls, picked up and has signed an overall deal with Warner Brothers TV; will co-executive produce Chuck, an action comedy about twentysomething spies, which he co-wrote with Chris Fedak.

Stephen Sommers '93
Will produce Mummy 3 along with his partner Bob Ducsay.

Andy Stern '92
Has teamed with Barry Josephson, Eileen Gallagher, and Ann McManus, and Samantha Goodman for a TV drama about nurses for Fox.

David Valdez
Won the 2006 Governor's Cup Short Screenplay competition in Sante Fe, New Mexico for screenplay A Day In Heaven about a man who builds a time machine so he can visit his deceased wife in heaven.

Jamie Vanderbilt '99
Will be making his directorial debut directing the thriller Curve.

David S. Ward '68
Has signed up to write Buddha the big-budget production that will mark the filmmaking debut of Beverly Hills-based Indian Billionaire Dr. B.K. Modi.

Robert Zemeckis '73
Is partnering with the Walt Disney Studios to form a film company to specialize in performance capture films.

Films and TV Shows

Miss Potter
David Kirschner, Producer.

Night at the Museum
Shawn Levy, Director/Producer.

Factory Girl
George Hickenlooper, Director.

Freedom Writers
Stacey Sher, Producer.

Code Name: The Cleaner
Les Mayfield, Director.

Because I Said So
Michael Lehmann, Director.

The Messengers
Jason Shuman, Producer;
John Axelrad, Editor;
Armen Minasian, Editor.

American Dad
Jim Bernstein, Co-Executive Producer.

Brian Grazer, Executive Producer;
Evan Katz, Executive Producer.

The Sarah Silverman Program
Erin O'Malley
, Producer.

The Simpsons
Brad Ableson, Storyboard Artist.