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Limes Regiones Rerum or Reality Ends Here is the unofficial motto of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. These words reflect the passion and creativity of the students, faculty and staff that walk the campus at SCA.  We look beyond reality to imagine new ways to tell stories. We are educating the next generation of artists, scholars and professionals who will question the status quo.  When students graduate from SCA, they leave with the tools, skills and drive to create new media that will change the industry and our world. We take great pride in preparing them to challenge the conventional and they are doing just that.

Creating change requires a significant investment from all of us.  Alumni, Parents, Corporate partners and Friends of SCA all play a part in providing the necessary resources to make this impact. Your philanthropic support allows us to acquire and retain top student talent and enhance our programs.  Your support provides essential resources that support future generations of professionals and scholars and ensures that our current students have the most enriching academic experience possible while at SCA.