School of Cinematic Arts Commencement

SCA Commencement

Any new information will be shared on this website as soon as it becomes available. We encourage students to check their email frequently and refer to the university's coronavirus messages for the latest news.

Welcome to the commencement website for the USC School of Cinematic Arts. This page will answer any questions you have about the day.

USC's Commencement consists of one main ceremony for all degree candidates and their families, followed by smaller ceremonies for individual schools and programs throughout the day.

There is no registration required for students to march in the USC Ceremony, but it is required for the SCA Ceremony: see below for details.

SCA Commencement

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Division of Cinema and Media Studies
SCA 320

Division of Media Arts + Practice
SCI 101

Film & Television Production
SCA 434

Interactive Media & Games Division
SCI 201

John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts
SCB 210

Peter Stark Producing Program
SCA 366

John Wells Division of Writing for Screen & Television
SCA 335