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May 31, 2013

Trojans Get “The Spirit of the Marathon”

New Documentary has SCA Alumni in Key Roles

Running culture has become an international phenomenon, with people from around the globe gathering at various locations for scenic, challenging short races and marathons.  Seven years ago, SCA alum Jon Dunham changed the face of documentary distribution by creating a one-day event screening for the running community to showcase his documentary Spirit of the Marathon. On June 12th, the sequel The Spirit of the Marathon II will once again be the feature at a one-day screening event. Through Fathom Events, the new film will screen on over 600 movie theatres across the United States.

“This is a very special film and I'm excited for audiences to experience it on the big screen,” said Dunham. “I've grown tremendously as a filmmaker during this production. While of course running and the marathon are major through lines in this movie, it is really about the characters and their own individual life journeys that have brought them together at this point in time that they are all running the marathon. The marathon is showcased as a wonderful metaphor for life.” 

“The original Spirit of the Marathon got a tremendous response from runners from all over the world,” said Mark Jonathan Harris, executive producer of Spirit of the Marathon II and a Distinguished Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. “That’s what really prompted the decision to make a second film. In the seven years since the first film, the running boom has increased. There are marathons in major cities—Paris, Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin—cities all around the world. We thought it would be great to do a film with an international cast.”

Spirit of the Marathon II focuses on seven runners; two from the United States, three from Italy, one from Rwanda and one from the Ukraine.

Trojans involved with the film include: Director Jon Dunham, Producer Megan Williams (who was Dunham’s CTPR 290 professor), Assistant Editor Susan Metzger and Archival Researcher Mariana Yarovskaya

Like the first film, Spirit of the Marathon II will be screened by Fathom events on June 12th as a one-day event. To find a screening, please visit: