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Media Arts + Practice, within the School of Cinematic Arts is devoted to exploring the potentials of scholarly expression, visual storytelling, data visualization and social media, including business, education, medicine, urban planning and law, areas in which the ability to use media to communicate effectively is increasingly essential.

Students who emerge from this program understand how to communicate ideas in multiple media forms - still images, video, sound, web design and social media - and how to distribute these ideas in the most effective manner. They also understand the history and theory of new media, looking back over a century of media forms, and they look to the future and emerging paradigms of participation and engagement.

The careers for Media Arts + Practice program students are diverse. Imagine becoming a visual strategist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and creating interactive experiences about space, like frequent Media Arts + Practice visitor Dan Goods. Or imagine inventing new ways to present abstract data for The New York Times, like Mark Hansen, who is part of the New York Times R&D Lab. Our students invent new ways of communicating complex ideas in a world inundated by data and information.

Media Arts + Practice faculty come from diverse backgrounds, with expertise in multimedia design, mobile media, immersive media, web-based video production and social media. They work with students in small lab-based workshops and seminars, combining hands-on design with intellectual investigation.

The Media Arts + Practice program harnesses the tremendous power of the cinematic arts for communication and interaction across innumerable fields, and offers students a unique learning experience that is based in creative practice, research, critical inquiry and innovation.

Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Doctor of Philosophy
Contact Information

Media Arts + Practice Program
USC School of Cinematic Arts
3470 McClintock Avenue, SCI 101
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2211

Undergraduate Inquiries:
Sonia Seetharaman, Program Coordinator
Phone: 213.821.5860

Graduate Inquiries:
Dr. Elizabeth Ramsey, Associate Director
Phone: 213.821.5873