Frank Price (Chair, Board of Councilors)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Price Entertainment, Inc.

Frank Biondi, Jr.
Senior Managing Director
WaterView Partners

Barry Diller
Chairman and Chief Executive

Lee Gabler
Worldwide Pants, Inc.

David Geffen
DreamWorks SKG

Jim Gianopulos
Chairman and CEO
Twentieth Century Fox

Brian T. Grazer
Chief Executive Officer
Imagine Entertainment

Brad Grey
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Paramount Motion Picture Group

Jeffrey Katzenberg
Chief Executive Officer
Dreamworks SKG

Alan Levine
Managing Partner
Canon Media Partners

George Lucas
Chairman of the Board
Lucasfilm, Ltd.

Michael Lynton
Chief Executive Officer
Sony Entertainment, Inc.

Don Mattrick

Bill M. Mechanic
Pandemonium LLC

Barry Meyer
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Warner Bros.

Les Moonves
President and Chief Executive Officer
CBS Corporation

Sidney Poitier
The Bahamas Ambassador to Japan
Verdon-Cedric Productions, Inc.

Shonda Rhimes
Writer, Producer

John Riccitiello
Chief Executive Officer
Unity Technologies

Barney Rosenzweig
The Rosenzweig Company

Scott Sassa
Vice Chairman
El Rey Network

Steven Spielberg
DreamWorks SKG

Kevin Tsujihara
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Warner Bros.

John Wells
Executive Producer
John Wells Productions

Jim Wiatt
CIW Consulting, LLC

Paul Junger Witt
Witt Thomas Harris Productions

Robert Zemeckis