School of Cinematic Arts Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Kyle Ackerman

Senior Director, Corporate Relations

Alex F. Ago

Director of Programming and Special Projects

Marcus Kohl Anderson

Director of Student Services

Alan Baker

Associate Dean, Administration & International Projects

Teresita P. Bautista

Office Manager, Dean's Office

Christine Tian Berg

Assistant Facility Manager, Zemeckis

Kristin Borella

Associate Dean, Communications & Public Relations

Sean Kyle Bouchard

Game Lab Research Associate

Sandrine Pascale Cassidy

Director, Festivals and Distribution

Bonnie Alain Chi

Director, Industry Relations
Part-Time Lecturer

Eileen Chiao

Associate Director of Festivals and Distribution

Anne Yong Ah Choi

Student Services Coordinator

Jerilyn Clayton

Payroll/Personnel Coordinator

Alicia Cornish

Assistant Program Coordinator

Kristen Wiley Davis

Writing Program Coordinator

John "Googe" Endieveri

Systems & Network Administrator

Dino Everett

Hugh M. Hefner Archivist

Ellen Ford

Facilities Coordinator

Kerry Franco

Director of Academic Support

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