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Peter Bonerz (left) directs students in the
multi-camera television workshop.

Cinema is the pre-eminent art form of our time; it has an enormous impact on our world, with the power to change consciousness and shape world culture, and the Division of Film & Television Production plunges students into the entire creative process. Here, students learn all aspects of the art of storytelling and develop the ability to take audiences on emotional journeys using a wide array of cinematic skills. During their time here, our outstanding women and men learn to access this unique power by working in many forms, from traditional large-screen films to those designed for the smallest cell phone screen, to television in multiple formats.

From a vintage Mitchell
16mm camera to the
latest Avid digital
editing equipment,
technology may
change but the art of
filmmaking remains
a USC tradition.

From ideation, where movies and television are born, through creative producing, where they are developed and nurtured, to the key disciplines of screenwriting, producing and production management, directing, cinematography, editing and sound, students learn the skills necessary to join our alumni as both complete cinema makers and well-prepared specialists in his/her chosen fields. We emphasize hands-on movie making through which students learn creative collaboration, as they begin to develop a personal creative style.

Undergraduate and graduate students begin by collaborating on several short films and progress to working on longer and more complex productions.

While projects can range from traditional films to the most intensely experimental works, the curriculum is rich in choices, including episodic television drama, situation comedy, music videos, commercials, reality television, documentaries and avant-garde films.

Our outstanding faculty comes from the ranks of working professionals, ensuring that information transmitted in the classroom is at the cutting edge in every field.

Degrees Offered
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Master of Fine Arts
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