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Foundations of Game Design

Units: 2
Student Level: All

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
In-Person (Ages 16+)
Schedule: NEW DATE Wed/Mon 1:00pm - 3:50pm
Max. Seats: 32
Faculty: Martzi Campos

About the Class

Foundations of Game Design teaches students the basics concepts for game designers, emphasizing methodologies and techniques of “play-centric design.” This course will enable students to create playable systems more efficiently and communicate effectively on game design, development, and presentation topics.

This class combines elements of a studio production course with theory and lectures structured around developing and producing two games: a tabletop game mod and a digital game of portfolio quality.

Course Objectives

The course combines elements of a studio production course with theory and lecture, covering topics such as:

  • Theory behind game design
  • Ideation development
  • Prototyping
  • Play-testing
  • Polishing
  • Presentation

Students are not required to know programming languages or prior experience with digital game development tools. Students with more advanced programming skills will be given the option to add more complex elements to their digital game projects.

Additional Information

  • All dates and times are subject to change.
  • Additional tutorials are taught outside scheduled class hours.

INSTRUCTOR(S): Martzi Campos