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Documentary Filmmaking

Units: 4
Student Level: All

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
In-Person (Ages 16+)
Schedule: Tue/Thu 9:00am - 12:50pm
Max. Seats: 18
Faculty: Blush, Doug

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About the Class

With the widespread success of documentary films such as Three Identical Strangers, An Inconvenient Truth, Free Solo, and March of the Penguins documentary films are making their mark on the big screen and at the box office.

Documentary students will gain the necessary skills to successfully create their own original short non-fiction film. Exploration of techniques, methods and styles of the non-fiction film through lectures and demonstrations, as well as, current industry professionals as guest speakers.

Course Objectives

  • Student will get an intensive hands-on approach to the non-fiction form, emphasizing:
  • Conceive and research topical ideas
  • Directing, producing and editing for non-fiction
  • Scripting non-fiction film material
  • Creating a coherent visual style
  • Effective audio track
  • Gaining an overview of the marketplace

All necessary equipment and production resources will be available for student use including digital cameras, tripods, grip gear, lighting kits and access to sound stages.

Notable Documentary USC filmmakers through the years:

  • Patricia Thio – Emmy Award winner (using a film made in this Documentary class)
  • Bill Couturie – Emmy Award winner
  • Ben Shedd – Emmy Award winner
  • Kennedy Wheatly – Student Academy Award winner

Additional Information

  • All projects are created outside of scheduled class time.
  • Additional tutorials are taught outside scheduled class dates and times.
  • All dates and times of the course are subject to change.