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The Insider: Your Career Path in Film and Television

Units: 4
Student Level: All

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
In-Person (Ages 16+)
Schedule: Tue/Thu 5:00pm -8:50pm
Max. Seats: 30
Faculty: Kim Sherman

About the Class

During this six-week symposium, classes will examine all aspects of the entertainment industry and how to navigate the business side with a creative mindset — including features and episodic, scripted and unscripted, studios and independents, development, production, marketing, and more.

The main focus of this course is identifying a student’s own unique path as a creative professional through instructor lectures and discussions with special guests — working industry professionals from all facets of the entertainment industry.

Course Objectives

Through a series of guest speakers, students will have the opportunity to discuss topics such as:

  • Navigating the studio system and agencies
  • Building a sustainable independent career
  • Understanding the various development processes
  • Learning to provide supportive critiques
  • Approaches to production planning
  • Tracking and deciphering various markets and audiences
  • Keeping up with distribution models, including self-distribution outlets

Students will participate in a detailed examination of the process of “setting up” a project and the many ways the various processes affect one another. From identifying an original idea to crafting a pitch, from development to building a successful production plan, and from marketing to delivering to audiences. 

Guest Speakers from Previous Years:

  • Sarah Broshar – Film Editor, West Side Story (2021)
  • Luke Rivett – Manager, Anonymous Content
  • Phil Augusta Jackson – Writer/Producer/Actor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • Vincent Scordino – Head of Marketing, Amazon Studios
  • Jess Carson – Writer/Director, The Papers; The Flash
  • Kat Candler – Writer/Director/Showrunner; Hellion; Queen Sugar
  • Nate Bolotin – Foreign Sales, XYZ Films
  • Dave Kajganich – Writer/Producer; The Terror; Bones & All
  • Elijah Wood – Actor/Producer; Lord Of the Rings Trilogy; Mandy; SpectreVision
  • Robert Maitia - Writer/ Producer; American Dad; M.O.D.O.K.
  • Adam Nee - Writer/Director/Producer/Actor - Band of Robbers; Drunk History; Lost City
  • Habib Zargarpour - VFX Supervisor - Blade Runner 2049; Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania; The Jungle Book (2016)

Additional Information

  • All dates and times are subject to change.
  • Additional tutorials are taught outside scheduled class hours.

INSTRUCTOR(S): Kim Sherman