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Filmmaking Intensive

Units: 8
Student Level: All

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
PRE-COLLEGE In-Person, Red (ages 16 & 17)
Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00am - 3:50pm
Max. Seats: 21
Faculty: Seth Koury & Rob Kositchek

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
ADULT In-Person (ages 18+)
Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00am - 3:50pm
Max. Seats: 21
Faculty: Petra Hafter & Jim O'Keefe

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
PRE-COLLEGE In-Person, Blue (ages 16 & 17)
Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00am - 3:50pm
Max. Seats: 21
Faculty: Bonnie Blake & Sam Rocco

Jun 24 - Aug 2   - Unavailable
PRE-COLLEGE In-Person, Orange (Ages 16 & 17)
Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00am - 3:50pm
Max. Seats: 21
Faculty: Todd Louiso & Jeremy Royce 

About the Class

Filmmaking Intensive introduces students to the basic technical and aesthetic concepts underlying motion picture production. In this highly requested course, modeled after one of USC’s oldest filmmaking classes, students will collaborate with their fellow filmmakers in various core roles (director, producer, and cinematographer) on three digital short films.

Geared toward both beginning and seasoned filmmakers, this course seeks to develop students' skills for effectively expressing ideas through images and sounds.

The course format combines lectures, workshops, class demonstrations, and screenings. At its core, it explores visual language through experiential learning while creating an environment that encourages honesty, experimentation, and growth.

Course Objectives

  • Students will be fully immersed in production and its process, gaining insight and skills to successfully:
  • Investigate cinematic communication
  • Turn ideas into complete productions
  • Present the essential technical information related to writing, directing, producing, cinematography, and editing
  • Explore the creative interaction of sound and image
  • Become aware of the art of cinema and its cultural and social impact

In addition to regular class sessions, this course will include tutorial sessions on:

  • Cinematography
  • Production lighting
  • Production sound
  • Post-production and sound design
  • Non-linear AVID editing training

All necessary equipment and production resources, including digital cameras, tripods, grip gear, lighting kits, and access to sound stages, will be available for student use.

Additional Information

  • All projects are created outside of scheduled class time.
  • Additional tutorials are taught outside scheduled class dates and times.
  • All dates and times of the course are subject to change.
  • SCA has a strict ban on the use of prop weapons of any kind during the summer session
  • This 8-unit Summer Program class is comprised of the following two courses:
    • CNTV 392: Beginning Digital Filmmaking - 4 units
    • CTPR 240x: Practicum in Production - 4 unit


Pre-College, Section Blue: Sam Rocco & Bonnie Blake

Pre-College, Section Orange: Todd LouisoJeremy Royce 

Pre-College, Section Red: Seth Koury & Rob Kositchek 

Adult Section: Petra Hafter & James O’Keeffe