International Students

Each year our Summer Program welcomes students from all over the world. International students may apply for and study in courses covering multiple aspects of filmmaking and the entertainment industry from one of the most prolific film schools in the United States.

Below are a few pertinent items regarding our Summer Program International Students.

USC's institution code for TOEFL Registration is 4852. No Department Code. Scores may not be more than two years old at the time of application.

Test Exemption
The following exemptions will be made:

  • Students is from a English speaking country
  • Students who are currently attending a school in a native English-speaking country
  • Students who have earned a degree from a school in a native English-speaking country
Please email the Summer Program if you have any questions about exemptions.

USC requires all international students to have a valid visa in order to study in the School of Cinematic Arts Summer Program.  Accepted students must apply for an F-1 temporary student visa from USC. Upon acceptance into the program, all required instructions and documents will be given to the student. Please see below for other accepted visas:

Important note: B1/B2 tourist visas and the ESTA visa waivers are NOT valid to study within our program.


  • F-1 visa (from any USA school)
  • J-1 visa
  • O-1 visa
  • E-2 visa
  • Green Card/Permanent Resident Card students are also welcome to apply.

    If you have a different visa and are not sure if it is accepted, please feel free to email us at


Upon acceptance into the program, international students in need of an F-1 visa will be sent information of what is required.

Please be aware that visa processes takes 4 to 6 weeks to completely process. All documents and responses must be turned in promptly. Below is a sample of required documents needed.

  • Upon acceptance in the program, documents and instructions will be sent to start the process.
  • All required documents must be submitted in a timely fashion in order to avoid time constraints preventing issuance of the visa.
  • An email invoice will be sent with the USC I-20 processing fee.
  • Once the processing fee has been paid, an I-20 will be created by USC.
  • Once the I-20 has been received, pay the government SEVIS fee.
  • Using your SEVIS number, make a visa appointment with the US Embassy/Consulate.
  • The F-1 visa must be obtained outside of the United States.
  • Students must enter the USA with the F-1 visa for the USC Summer Program.
    • Copy of the student's passport (must be valid through the duration of stay within the United States).
    • Proof of existing insurance and medical coverage.
    • Proof of funding
      • Documents that provide proof of funds to cover both the student's full tuition and $3500 of living expenses.
      • For example: If the tuition is $5000 then add the $3500, the total that needs to be shown in the Proof of Funding is at least $8500.
      • Living Expenses is the estimated amount that the university deems necessary in order for students to live comfortably while studying at USC. Please note that this amount is not the actual value of room and board. Students just need to prove that they have at least this amount for living expenses.
    Please note that all costs below are estimates and the final cost may differ.

    • USC I-20 Processing Fee: $290
    • SEVIS Fee: $350

There are a few fees associated with the F1 process. Including the USC I-20 processing fee and the SEVIS fee, which can total up to $700 USD.

***If the student has entered the USA on a different visa, the student is required to leave and re-enter the USA on the USC issued F-1 visa.***

If you have questions about other visas, please email the summer program office at


Summer Program applications opens on November 1 for the next summer. Once you select the course(s) you wish to apply for, the website will automatically move you in to the application section.


The SCA Summer Program has a rolling admission and notifications are sent out in the following manner:

  • Applications submitted between November 1st through December 31st will be sent notification starting the second week of January once USC is back in session.
  • Applications received after January 1st will be sent notification approximately 2 weeks after submission.

For more detailed information about the application please visit the Online Application page.

Important Date(s) for SUMMER 2023:
  • Summer 2023 Applications Opens: November 1st
  • Summer 2023 Applications Deadline: June 9th
  • International Student (with valid visas) Deadline: June 2nd
  • International Student (without valid visas) Application Deadline: April 7th
Information for international students please visit the International Students page


The USC School of Cinematic Summer Program offers classes in many different aspects of filmmaking, such as:

All classes are:

  • For full college credit
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 credit units
  • Graded with a Letter grade
  • Provided with the same facilities and equipment used during the regular school year by full time SCA students.

The majority of our classes are taught by regular faculty members from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, who are also leading industry professionals.

For more details on the classes we offer, please go to the Classes page.


The University determines tuition based on the number of units in your desired class(es). Summer 2023 tuition at USC is $2,137 (USD) per unit. To determine your base tuition cost, multiply the collective number of units from your course(s) selection by the USC tuition value. The unit count for each class can be found in the course description.

For example, a two-unit class would be $4,274.00 (USD) for tuition only.

2 units x $2,137.00 = $4,274.00
4 units x $2,137.00 = $8,848.00
6 units x $2,137.00 = $12,822.00
8 units x $2,137.00 = $17,296.00

At the beginning of each online detailed class description you will find the number of units for each class as well as the dates, days and times it meets.


The SCA Summer Program does not offer financial aid to non-USC students. However, outside loans, scholarships, and other institution's financial aid may be applied towards the program.


USC Housing

USC housing is available for any students needing accommodations. Applying for housing is a different procedure for adults and minors.

*Please note that housing costs are separate and NOT covered in the student tuition.

Adult Housing

  • 18 years old and up
  • Upon acceptance, an informational pack will be sent out via email.

Minor Housing (mandatory)


The USC Engemann Student Health Center is available for our students to use when any health concerns arise. A required student health information form will be given out upon acceptance and must be turned in prior to arrival to the program.

A mandatory student health center fee will be applied upon registration into our program. Typically between $20 - $30 a week. This fee cannot be waived.


A meal plan can be purchased separately after students have been registered for their classes through the USCard Services' website; however, we do not recommend that our Summer Program students purchase a summer meal plan as they are restrictive and not conducive to the rigorous class schedules of the students. If you plan on purchasing a meal plan for the summer, please note that once purchased, it cannot be refunded for any reason.

USC has multiple dining options on and directly off campus, including the University Village. These meals can be paid for with cash, credit/debit card, or by using the USC student ID card.

*Please note that meal costs are NOT included in the student tuition.


Orientation is mandatory for all accepted students.

  • Date: TBA
  • Time: TBA

    *Dates and times are subject to change.



  • Special events with industry guests
  • Pre-release movie screenings
  • Special workshops and seminars

We do not schedule any extracurricular activities as this is an academic commitment and not a summer camp.

We do not schedule many activities for the minor student outside of their field of study given the rigorous academic schedule. When students are not in class they are prepping and filming projects, writing, producing and editing.


Upon acceptance into the Summer Program, more detailed information will be given with directions on how to set up the student's SCA Community intranet. SCA Community is an online student resource that contains detailed information about the Summer Program policies, rules, documents, and other valuable resources.

The first information packet will be emailed approximately 2 - 4 weeks after acceptance.

Accepted students will need to sign a waiver in order to access any of USC Recreational Facilities, such as the gym and swimming pool. Instructions on how to set this up will be given in the information packets that will be sent out upon acceptance.


For more information please email the office at