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Creating a Soundtrack

Units: 2
Student Level: All

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About the Class

Sound is 50% of any cinematic project. From space ships to dinosaurs, sound creates excitement, horror, or intimacy. Sound also tells us what world a story lives in. Whether you’re telling a story, creating a thriller or just making a presentation, sound will play a key role.
In this class you will learn the ins and outs:
  • Dialogue
  • Music
  • Atmosphere
  • Sound effects
Plus how these elements work together to create a vibrant and effective sound track.
This class uses ProTools (the industry standard sound editing digital platform), in which includes lessons in fundamentals of sound editing and basic processors used in crafting a modern sound track such as:
  • EQ
  • Reverb
  • Delay
Students will be supplied an existing project for which they will create the sound track. This is very hands on and open to all who wish to create an effective modern sound track.
*Please note that dates and times of the course are subject to changes. Additional tutorials are taught during outside hours.*