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Outsiders: Independent Feature Filmmaking & Distribution

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Student Level: All

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Independent Feature Filmmaking & Distribution

About This Class
In this course, students will screen numerous independently produced feature films and meet the filmmakers.  You will learn how they got their movies made.  Each class discussion will center on development, financing, production and distribution.  You will come away with a full understanding of the challenges facing independent filmmakers and you will benefit from the lessons learned from the guest speakers we meet.

Most classes will begin with a screening followed by an appearance by the filmmakers allowing students to freely dialogue with them.  Some of the classes may also require viewing the films on your personal time.  The visiting filmmaker discussions are always very frank and run for two hours.  Students will be expected to read the scripts for each film in advance of the screenings. 

All the films will be true independents with budgets ranging from as little as $100,000 to as much as several million.  Many of the films are fresh from their premieres at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Toronto and other prominent film festivals.   

In addition, there will be several optional Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night seminars for students of this class to include discussions with film festival programmers, studio development execs and agents. 

Last Year’s Films and Guest Speakers
  • Ghost Team One
        Guest Speakers:  Ben Peyser (Director/DP) and Scott Rutherford (Director)
        Premiered @ Slamdance 2013
  • Go For It!
        Guest Speakers:  Carmen Marron  (Writer/Director/Producer)
        Starring:  Aimee Garcia 
  • The Lifeguard
        Guest Speaker:  Liz Garcia  (Writer/Director/Producer)
        Starring:  Kristen Bell and Martin Starr
        Premiered @ Sundance 2013
  • L.U.V.
        Guest Speakers:  Sheldon Candis (Writer/Director) and Justin Wilson (Writer)
        Starring:  Common, Danny Glover, and Meagan Good
        Premiered @ Sundance 2012
  • Scenic Route
        Guest Speaker:  Brion Hambol  (Producer)
        Starring Josh Duhamel
        Premiered @ SXSW 2013

 ***It is recommended that students enroll in both The Insiders and The Outsiders in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary filmmaking landscape.*** 
*Please note that dates and times of the course are subject to change. All projects are created outside of class time.*


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