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Inside the Business of Film and Television

Units: 4
Student Level: All

Jun 28 - Aug 6   - Unavailable
Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday 6:00pm -10:00pm
Orientation: Jun 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Max. Seats: 30
Faculty: Daniel Noah

The Business of Film and Television
About This Class 
The purpose of this course is to demystify the behind-the-scenes world of Hollywood.  You will learn exactly how the business works from people who are in it now and who are succeeding at what they do.  You will come away with a full understanding of the process, a game plan for how to embark on your career, and specific strategies for improving your odds.  Guest speakers will include prominent agents, executives, producers, writers and directors.  This course is specifically designed for emerging filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters.  It is taught from a very practical point-of-view with an emphasis on how to navigate the system and get your career started.  Our goal is to spike your learning curve so you know what the business expects.
Topics for Discussion
  • The major studio system and how it operates from the top down
  • Getting and working with agents and managers
  • A critical view of the current spec market
  • Enhancing your “voice” as a writer
  • Development from a very detailed perspective
  • Script analysis, coverage, and story notes
  • Television development and pilot production
  • Making and distributing independent feature films
  • Film festivals and film sales
  • Networking and breaking into Hollywood

Students will be expected to read many scripts from the best writers in the business.  These are the scripts that got their authors noticed in the first place thus enabling you to see what Hollywood wants from new talent.  There will be numerous low-budget independent films to watch.  These are again the films that got their directors noticed.  You will also be expected to participate actively in the discussion. 
In addition, there will be numerous optional screenings outside of class with filmmaker Q&A. 
This course is intense, it will be frank, and you will get a very good idea of what it takes to succeed as a writer, director, or producer.
There will be at least a dozen prominent guest speakers for this course.
Guest Speakers from All Previous Classes
(many have visited multiple times)
  • Kyle Alvarez (Stanford Prison Experiment, 13 Reasons Why @ Netflix)
  • Luke Rivett (Manager, Anonymous Content)
  • Sarah Adina Smith (Writer/Director, Buster's Mal Heart, Hanna @ Amazon)
  • Vincent Scordino (Head of Marketing, Amazon Studios)
  • Adam Egypt Mortimer (Writer/Director, Daniel Isn't Real)
  • Danielle Aufiero (Casting Diector for SpectreVision, The OA @ Netflix)
  • Josh Safran (Showrunner, Gossip Girl, Smash, Quantico)
  • Brooks Brown (Game Day, Hero VR, worked for George Lucas and James Cameron)
  • Mali Elfman (Producer, Fun Size Horror, The Party's Just Beginning)
  • Nate Bolotin (Foreign Sales, XYZ Films)
  • Beau Stapleton (Entertainment Attorney)
  • Elijah Wood (Actor/Producer)
***It is recommended that students enroll in both The Insiders and The Outsiders in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary filmmaking landscape.*** 
 *Please note that dates and times of the course are subject to change. All projects are created outside of class time.*
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