Breaking Into the Film Industry

Units: 2
Student Level: Beginning

Jun 25 - Aug 3 Sorry, this class is currently full
Schedule: Tues / Thurs 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Orientation: Jun 24, 2018 at 2:00 PM
Max. Seats: 40
Faculty: Eve Honthaner

You’re looking for your very first job; and chances are, first time out, you won’t be hired as a producer or director.  But this class will allow you to start your new career with a sense of confidence, purpose and optimism, as you’ll walk in knowing exactly what to expect and what’s expected of you.

Whether you’re in film school, a grad student, transitioning from another field, already in the biz but wanting to move your career to the next level or have never attended one film class but have always wanted to work in the industry – this course is for you – no matter which facet of the industry you’re pursuing!  It’s designed for individuals close to entering, about to enter or already in the job market.

Note: You must be over the age of 18 to take this course

You’ll learn vital skills needed to sell yourself, land jobs, stay employed, stand out among the competition and advance your career.  Students will plan career paths for themselves and learn valuable networking skills, how to write effective cover letters and resumes and ace an interview.  A variety of career choices will be explored as well as the basics of how a production is set-up and run, how a set operates, how a script is sold and exactly who does what – from P.A. to Producer.

In addition to lectures, handouts and interactive class exercises, the course features an array of guest speakers who come from diverse facets of the film industry – individuals at various levels of their own careers who are passionate about their work and generously offer invaluable insight, perspective and advice.

Students will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, as they will be required to attend professional industry events and line-up and go out on general information meetings with prospective future employers.  Those who have previously taken this course have had a high success rate of landing jobs, because they’ve begun building a network of valuable contacts and walk away with the tools necessary to jump start their careers.

This class debuted in 1999, and has since been one of the most popular courses of the summer. And, if you’re already thinking about taking a production course, Breaking into the Film Industry is a great class to add to your summer schedule.  It will supplement your experience at USC with the practical skills needed to break into Hollywood!


  • “Eve Honthaner's class offers a superb opportunity to learn the practical aspects of the industry that will advance your career by five years by helping you avoid common mistakes. A MUST HAVE class whether you're in film school or just beginning your career in the entertainment industry”  --Jackie Pardue
  • “Eve absolutely knows what she is doing, and her advice is all the more valuable, because it’s based on information not many people have.  Her class arms you with rare information and a road map that actually does lead you to where you want to go.  So if you have a vision about where you want to end up, and you take Eve’s advice to heart, I’m confident you’ll be successful in this business!”  -- Chris Kachel
  • “Because of you, I know where to go, what to do and how to do it... and that is priceless!”    --Claudine Cazian
  • “Having recently graduated from film school, I knew the tools of the trade -- cameras, lighting, directing, animating.  But when it came to truly understanding the way to survive and break in, I still had a lot to learn.  After this class, I feel I can do anything in this business.”  --Savah Cave
  • “The incredible guest speakers, the depth of industry insights, the exposure to ‘reel’ work, the interviews and related opportunities to network, combined with the passion, enthusiasm and energy shared by Eve and the speakers truly is in itself an internship in the film industry.”  --Lachlan  Campbell
  • “The thing I loved most about this class was the realism.  It has provided me with the information and tools needed to survive in Hollywood.”  --Ramiro Perez
  • “This class stimulated not only my mind but my spirit as well.  It has been a balance of information and interesting insight with a dose of inspiration.” --Nisha Patel
  • “As I set out to make a career in this business, I’m armed with knowledge about the realities I’m going to face out there.  I know what to expect, and that alone differentiates me from many other individuals out there.”  --Carly Althoff
  • “This class has given me the practical knowledge it would have taken me years of on-the-job experience to learn.  It has also clued me in on the qualities one must possess to become successful in Hollywood.”  --Cole Gibson
  • “This class, which has literally changed the direction of my life, represents the completion of the first stage of a more fulfilling career with endless possibilities.  I now have specific goals I want to accomplish, a plan as well as a support system to help me get there.”  --Robert Rieger

*Please note that dates and times of the course are subject to minor changes. All projects are created outside of class time.*