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Filmmaking Intensive

Units: 8
Student Level: All

Jun 28 - Aug 6 Add to cart
Schedule: Mon/Weds/Fri 9:00am -3:50pm
Orientation: Jun 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Max. Seats: 18
Faculty: David Maquiling & Jim O'Keefe

Jun 28 - Aug 6 Add to cart
Schedule: Mon/Weds/Fri 9:00am -3:50pm
Orientation: Jun 27, 2021 at 2:00 PM
Max. Seats: 18
Faculty: Jay New & Bonnie Blake

About the Class

This course is a great way to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and the ability to collaborate with other filmmakers. In this highly requested summer filmmaking class, you will learn what it takes to create powerful digital films and with the help of classmates and teachers, you will create several polished digital films.

The class is geared to both beginning filmmakers who desire to learn more about digital filmmaking as well as seasoned filmmakers who want to improve on their ability to work with a crew. It is modeled after one of USC's oldest filmmaking classes. You will study digital filmmaking techniques while making three short digital films.

The format of the course will be a combination of lectures and screenings. You will learn a number of filmmaking tools, including:

  • How to tell great stories
  • Establish strong characters
  • Acquiring the ability to communicate with the cast and crew
  • Create a mise en scène
  • Discover the importance of post production
  • Use innovative sound design

Class sessions will also include tutorials on such topics as:

  • Directing 
  • Editing
  • Production sound
  • Production lighting
  • Cinematography
  • Pre-production (storyboarding, casting, permits and more)

Students will work in groups and will perform various roles and the films will be carefully developed using a comprehensive process. This process will ensure that you bring a certain discipline to guide your creativity, in this class and throughout your filmmaking career. Instructors will also provide hands-on filmmaking exercise and analysis of scenes from feature films, documentary films, experimental films and music videos.

All necessary equipment and production resources will be available for student use, including:

  • Digital cameras
  • Tripods
  • Lighting kits
  • Sound kits
  • AVID editing suites
  • Access to free on-campus locations
  • USC SCA Sound Stages
  • Access to our Cinema Film Library (with over 13,000 films)

*All projects are created outside of scheduled class time.                                                                                                                  *Please note that dates and times of the course are subject to changes. Additional tutorials are taught during outside hours.


Minor Section: Jared New & Bonnie Blake

Adult Section: James O'Keeffe & David Maquiling

This 8 unit Summer Program class is comprised of the following two courses:

  • CNTV 392: Beginning Digital Filmmaking - 4 units
  • CTPR 240x: Practicum in Production - 4 unit

Should the SCA Summer Program move to an online format for Summer 2021, this course will be CONVERTED to an online class.