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Film & Television Business Courses

Crime, War and Justice: Global Narratives in the 21st Century

Course Number: CNTV-499

Jun 28 - Aug 6   - Seats Available

How do the cinematic arts bring stories of war and mass crimes to the world and shape strategies for the future of humanity? Moving from the Nuremberg Trials that followed World War II to the contemporary use of games, extremist recruitment videos, and the manipulations of Cambridge Analytica, this course is an introduction to global narratives about war and justice.
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Inside the Business of Film and Television

Course Number: CNTV-419

Jun 28 - Aug 6   - Seats Available

The purpose of this twelve-night, six-week course is to demystify the behind-the-scenes world of Hollywood. You will learn exactly how the business works from people who are in it now and who are succeeding at what they do. You will come away with a full understanding of the process, a game plan for how to embark on your career, and specific strategies for improving your odds. Guest speakers will include prominent agents, executives, producers, writers and directors. This course is specifically designed for emerging filmmakers, producers, and screenwriters. It is taught from a very practical point-of-view with an emphasis on how to navigate the system and get your career started. Our goal is to spike your learning curve so you know what the business expects.
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Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Course Number: CNTV 499

May 17 - Jun 25   - Seats Available

This course will cover the legal issues routinely faced by people in the filmmaking industry and how to avoid them. Along with some history about the business of filmmaking.
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