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An important part of the student experience is participation in extracurricular activities. The School of Cinematic Arts recognizes the following organizations that contribute to our community and encourages students to explore the opportunities for involvement available to them.

African American Cinema Society (AACS)

The purpose of this organization is to provide networking opportunities, provide a community and raise awareness about issues pertaining to African Americans in the film industry. The African-American Cinema Society works to highlight and promote art and artists who are invested in showcasing complex and sophisticated representations of blackness and the black diaspora. Contact us.


ART/EMIS is an intersectional creative community that develops a space for students at USC to explore and express intersectional feminism through creative work. We produce inclusive film, visual art, dance, theatre, music, digital media and more that center on the experiences of underrepresented communities. We work directly with students to bring their creative projects to life and collaborate with the larger USC community to host monthly events to encourage underrepresented groups to tell their own stories. We hope to empower students and inspire the conversations necessary to make social change.
Check us out at  Contact us

Asian Pacific Cinema Association (APCA)

The Asian Pacific Cinema Association (APCA) provides creative and professional opportunities for undergraduate and graduate level students interested in any aspect of the film industry. The organization fosters a community passionate about Asian American Pacific Islander film through collaborative projects, professional networking, and educational events. APCA focuses on highlighting Asian cinema and culture to foster deeper, complex representations of Asian American Pacific Islander culture. Find more information here us.

Film and Television Writers of USC (FTW)

FTW is dedicated to creating television writers' room environments, organizing and hosting panels with industry professionals, and producing student-made film and television work by recruiting and training students for sets. FTW is the largest SCA Student Organization, with over 300 members across all classes and majors, working on over a dozen active sets and projects in development and production during the school year. Our primary objectives are to bridge the gap between the disparate SCA majors through independent productions led entirely by students. We actively seek to promote diversity of gender, race, ability, and sexual orientation both in front of and behind the camera. Contact us for more information, and make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all of our announcements and events!

Makers of Entertaining Games Associations (MEGA)

MEGA is a student run organization which strives to promote and facilitate the art of game creation within the University of Southern California. MEGA is a community of students from many disciplines who collaborate in order to cultivate a deeper understanding of interactive development at open weekly meetings, in which members share current projects, discuss relevant news and host guest speakers from all corners of the industry. Contact us.

Open Alpha USC (OA)

Bring a game from conception to an open-alpha release each development cycle (semester/year) with awesome people in this professional and academic org. As a member, you'll bring your own talent and vision to a real-world project in an exciting and fast-paced development environment. And best of all, you'll join the tight-knit Open Alpha family and partake in awesome community events throughout the semester. For more information, please visit our website.

Persistence of Visionaries (POV)

Persistence of Visionaries (POV) represents the graduate students of the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts. The goal of the organization is to promote student interaction within the program and industry through special events & initiatives, in addition to facilitating communication with faculty. If you would like to get involved or have issues/events to discuss. Search for us on Facebook. Contact us.

SCA Ambassadors

The SCA ambassadors are a student run organization which also serves as a liason for the School of Cinematic Arts. Students serve as panelists, tour guides, and help at various functions in addition to group activities and field trips.

SCA Graduate Council

The SCA Graduate Council is a student organization that aids in connecting the USC School of Cinematic Arts community. The council consists of representatives from each of the departments (Animation, Cinema & Media Studies, Interactive Media, Production, Peter Stark, and Writing) and three SCA GPSS Senators. The council holds open monthly meetings to discuss and support student issues and initiatives. All are welcome to attend, but please notify us ahead of time in regards to your issues/ideas. For a schedule of meeting times and events, please visit our website or Contact us.

Women of Cinematic Arts (WCA)

Founded in 2005, the USC Women of Cinematic Arts provides networking and mentoring opportunities for University of Southern California students and alumni, and encourages and supports the presence of women in creative roles in the film, television and digital industries. Contact us.

Zero for Conduct (ZdC)

ZdC is the Cinema & Media Studies graduate student organization at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. It is our hope the our presence will facilitate communication not only between the organization and students, but amongst students as well. Contact us.

Additional Organizations

There are over 600 student organizations recognized by the university and open to students.

If you are interested in starting your own student organizations or have questions, please contact Marcus Anderson in the Office of Student Services.