Writing For Screen And Television D-clearance Request Process

Any CTWR courses with section numbers ending in “R” do not require d-clearance and are OPEN REGISTRATION to all students.

CTWR courses with section numbers ending in “D” require d-clearance in order to register. Please check the Schedule of Classes for any potential registration restrictions. Certain courses may be closed to Majors only. Be mindful of prerequisites. You may not request d-clearance for a course in which you have not completed the prerequisite.

Students interested in CTWR 413, CTWR 414, or CTWR 505, please contact your home department advisor for d-clearance. The Writing Division does not d-clear those courses.

D-Clearance requests will only be accepted via SCA Community. Please do not email d-clearance requests as they will not be processed. If you are not an SCA student and therefore do not have access to SCA Community, please email Writing@cinema.usc.edu for help.

*If you are a newly declared Screenwriting or Comedy Minor, please try logging into SCA Community at your earliest convenience. If you have issues, please email Webmaster@cinema.usc.edu for assistance.

In SCA Community, locate “SCA Forms”. The Writing—D-Clearance Request Form will appear there on November 8th. The form will not be available before April 3rd.

D-Clearance requests will be processed over the following few weeks. You will receive an email once your requests have been processed. All d-clearance approvals have an expiration date. Please be mindful of the expiration and make sure to register for the course before that date. Expired d-clearances will not be reissued.

You may also check the status of your d-clearance form on SCA Community by going to “Your Form History” and clicking on the magnifying glass.

**Writing BFA, Writing MFA, Declared Screenwriting Minor, and Declared Comedy Minor Students: You will receive separate email communication from your advisor about your procedures for course registration and d-clearance.