Writing For Screen And Television D-clearance Request Process

The Writing Division will begin accepting D-Clearance requests at:
9:00am on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

Please refer to the instructions below and note that the process is different for SCA students and Non-SCA Students.


  • The following CTWR courses are open registration and do not require D-Clearance:404, 411, 412, 414, 415b, 416, 417, 431, 432, 516. Note certain sections of CTWR 321 and CTWR 415a will become open registration once Writing Majors and Minors have been cleared, if you are not a Screenwriting Minor, please do not submit a d-clearance request for CTWR 321 or CTWR 415a.
  • Non-Cinema USC students who have applied to an SCA Major/Minor but the change is not yet reflected on their STARS report must use the paper request.

SCA Students, including all SCA Minors

SCA Students, including Minors, now use SCA Community to request d-clearance for Writing for Screen and Television (CTWR) courses. Below are the instructions to use the new system.

What you need to do:
  1. Review your program requirements in the USC Catalogue to determine what CTWR writing courses count towards your program of study.
  2. Review course descriptions and pre-reqs in the USC Schedule of Classes to determine which courses you are eligible to take.
  3. Go to: https://scacommunity.usc.edu and log in.
  4. Under "My Tools" click on ">>SCA Forms"
  5. Under "Forms" click on "Fill Out a Form"
  6. Click on the icon of a pencil and clipboard beside the form named "Writing - D-Clearance Request Form"
  7. Fill out the form and click the "Submit Form" button.
  8. If you want to request d-clearance for more than one CTWR course/section you can create a copy of your previously submitted form by viewing your form and clicking the "make a copy of this form" icon in the top right corner of the form. Change the course information and click "submit form" again.
  9. Once your request has been processed you will be emailed with the results. If you are d-cleared for a course, this email will include a d-clearance expiration date. If your d-clearance expires before you register for the class, your seat will be given to another student. If you register for a course, but then drop the course and then your d-clearance expires, your seat will be given to another student. If you are added to a waitlist, you will be notified. Please allow 15 business days to be notified of the results of your request.

Non-Cinema USC Students

USC students who are not Cinema majors or minors are welcome to take many courses within the Division of Writing for Screen and Television. A number of courses are open registration and do not require d-clearance. If a course requires d-clearance, students may come to SCA 336 and fill out a paper d-clearance request form.