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Welcome to the Office of Student Services. Composed of the Office of Admissions and the Office of Student Affairs, our mission is to assist applicants interested in applying to our school, as well as the women and men currently enrolled.

The Office of Admissions is staffed by the Assistant Manager of Admissions Coordinator, an Admissions Counselor and a Director of Admissions. This team provides applicants with information about all the school's divisions and programs, helps with questions pertaining to applications and admissions, and organizes events for prospective students both on and off campus. The group is also an excellent resource for prospective students' relatives and friends who wish to learn more about the institution.

The Office of Student Affairs is staffed by a Student Services Advisor, the Manager of Student Services, the Manager of Student Affairs, Director for Student Services and the Director of Student Affairs. This group aids current students with annual orientation sessions, academic advising, grade processing, and scholarships. In addition, the unit coordinates with the school's Office of Industry Relations and the Director of Alumni Relations to organize events and resources that will help students plan for and make the transition from their academic pursuits to their professional paths. Student Affairs staff also oversee the SCA Family Program which enables relatives and friends to be involved with the school and take part in unique activities that the entire family can enjoy.

Both teams are under the direction of the Dean of Students who personally oversees all operations to ensure that the progression from applicant to student to alumnus/a is an enriching experience.

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