Important Registration Reminders for Fall 2015 Classes:
  • Register for courses and settle fee bill by the registration deadline, August 21, 2015. Check the USC Schedule of Classes for registration information.
  • The student is responsible for making sure he/she is registered for the right courses and section numbers by his/her D-clearance deadline. If a student does not register before the D-clearance expires the seat will be given to another student.
  • All registered students must attend the first meeting of each Cinematic Arts course or they can be replaced by another student, even if they are registered in the course.
  • Under-enrolled classes will be canceled by 5:00 P.M, Friday, August 28, 2015.

What happens if I don't have D-clearances before the registration deadline (August 21, 2015)?

  • If you were wait-listed for a CTPR course, check the SCACommunity regularly to see if you have received D-clearance. (Click on "My Account", then "D-Clearance Information")
  • To avoid late registration fees you must register and pay for alternate classes by Friday, August 21, 2015. The School of Cinematic Arts will not waive late fees.
  • You must attend the first class meeting. If the instructor lets you into the class, get his/her signature on a blue Change of Program form (Drop/Add Courses) and return to the appropriate SCA office for D-clearance (see chart below). Then register for the class by the end of that week.
  • After Friday, August 21, 2015 if you add a class in person at the Registration Building -- either an "R" class or a "D" class -- you must have the professor sign a blue Change of Program form and return it to the appropriate SCA office for D-clearance and a stamp of approval.

All CNTV, CTCS, CTIN, CTPR, and CTWR "R" courses will convert to "D" courses the third week of class: Monday, September 7 2015 to Friday, September 11, 2015.

Where to submit Change of Program form to receive D-Clearance:
Course Number Department/Location
Animation (CTAN) Animation and Digital Arts at SCB 210D
CNTV 375, CNTV 440, CNTV 467, CNTV 474, CNTV 521, CNTV 522, CNTV 523, CNTV 524, CNTV 525, CTPR 562 & CTPR 563 Student Industry Relations at SCA 235
Cinema & Media Studies (CTCS 100 - 499) SCA Student Services at SCB 105
Cinema & Media Studies (CTCS 500+) Cinema & Media Studies at SCA 320
Interactive Media (CTIN) or SCI 201
Production (CTPR 100 - 499) SCA Student Services at SCB 105
Production (500+) Production Division (SCA 426)
Writing (CTWR) Writing Division (SCA 335)
  • If you are unable to register online, take your stamped form to the Registrar One Stop Center (TRO 101) to add the class.
  • Note: Undergraduate students cannot register on Web Registration for graduate level courses.
  • How to register for graduate level course as undergraduate student:
    1. Request D-Clearance from designated department (follow steps above)
    2. Request memo from the SCA Office of Student Services (SCB 105) to receive permission to take graduate level course to count towards undergraduate degree.
    3. Bring memo to the Registrar One Stop Center (TRO 101) for processing and stamp.

Changes in times, days of the week, classrooms, or other class information listed in the Schedule of Classes will be posted in the lobby of SCA Student Services (SCB 105). You may also check the schedule on the USC Web site.