Production Division

Production and Cinema & Media Studies Undergraduate

For Undergraduate Cinematic Arts Cinema & Media Studies and Production students, D-Clearance requests for CTCS and CTPR (including CTPR 290, CTPR 294/295, and CTPR 450 and Practicum courses ) coursework will be issued during your academic advisement appointment. To set up an advisement appointment, please refer to the advisement schedule.

D-clearance request for CTCS and CTPR course are processed on a first come, first serve basis. With the exception of CTPR 310 and CTPR 480, which are by assignment and will not be given out during academic advisement.

Returning Students Who are not Enrolled this semester:

  • All students currently on a Leave of Absence must schedule an advisement appointment to remove LOA hold, which will restricts registration.
  • After your advisement appointment, contact Registration and receive a web registration appointment time. Complete the registration process for the upcoming/current semester.
  • Students who are away for one semester will retain their priority for registration and register on their regular appointment time. Students who are gone for more than one semester may register after all current students have registered for classes.

The Following Cinema & Media Studies Courses Require D-Clearance:

  • CTCS 473 - Film Theories (Prerequisite: CTCS 190)

The Following Production Courses Require D-Clearance:

  • CTPR 410♦: The Movie Business From Story Concept to Exhibition
  • CTPR 421: Practicum in Editing (Prerequisite: CTPR 310 or CTPR 335)
  • CTPR 424: Practicum in Cinematography (Prerequisite: CTPR 327 or CTPR 310)
  • CTPR 438: Practicum in Producing (Prerequisite: CTPR 310 or CTPR 425)
  • CTPR 440: Practicum in Sound ( Prerequisite: CTPR 310 or CTPR 340
  • CTPR 450*: The Production and Post-Production Assistant (Prerequisite:CTPR 310; corequisite: CTPR 421, CTPR 424, CTPR 438, CTPR 440, or CTPR 465.)
  • CTPR 460♦: Film Business Procedures and Distribution
  • CTPR 465: Practicum in Production Design (Prerequisite: CTPR 310 or CTPR 455 or CTPR 465)
  • CTPR 473**: Directing the Composer – Spring Only
  • CTPR 476*: Directing the Comedic Scene (Prerequisite: CTPR 310 or Instructor Approval)
  • CTPR 478*: Practicum in Directing (Prerequisite: CTPR)
  • CTPR 479**: Single Camera Television Dramatic Pilot - Fall Only
  • CTPR 484: Advanced Multi-Camera Television Workshop (Recommended preparation: CTPR 371 for students who want to direct)
  • CTPR 486: Single Camera Television Dramatic Series (Prerequisite: CTPR 376 or CTPR 450) - Spring Only
  • CTPR 484: Advanced Multi-Camera Television Workshop – Fall Only
  • CTPR 487: The Recording Studio in Film and Television Production – Fall Only
  • CTPR 497*: Music Video Production (Prerequisite: CTPR 310)
  • CTPR 499: Special Topics in Production - d-clearance procedures vary by section

The Following Cinema-Television Courses Require D-Clearance:

  • CNTV 101**: Reality Starts Here - Fall Only
  • CNTV 495**: Internship in Cinematic Arts - Request d-clearance via the SCA Community

*Only Film and Television Production undergraduate majors are eligible to take this course.

**Only Cinematic Arts majors are eligible to take this course

♦Only Business of Cinematic Arts majors are eligible to take the D-Clearance section. All other students may register for open registration section.

The Following Business of Entertainment Certificate Courses Require D-Clearance from the SCA Office of Student Industry Relations:

CNTV 521, CNTV 522, CNTV 525, CNTV 523, CTPR 562, and CTPR 563

- Undergraduates must be a Junior/Senior to enroll in a 500-level course

- Please call 213-740-4432 for D-clearance