FALL 2017 D-Clearance Schedule & Guidelines for PRODUCTION GRADS



For all other classes, you may register at your designated date/time according to your MyUSC registration page.

Brief Overview of D-Clearance Procedures

Follow these 3 steps:

STEP 1: Submit a D-CLEARANCE REQUEST in SCA Community during your assigned priority dates.
STEP 2: Check to see that you have been given D-Clearance at 6pm on the Friday that you submitted.
STEP 3: REGISTER for the course(s) that you have been D-Cleared for starting that Friday until Thurs. 5pm.

D-Clearances are active Friday through the following Thursday and will EXPIRE. Please be sure to register for your classes according to the registration schedule.

If you are experiencing any registration issues, Please contact cwalters@cinema.usc.edu BEFORE your D-Clearance expires to make sure that your seat is saved in the class. Unfortunately, due to the volume of D-clearance requests, d-clearances that expire cannot be reactivated, regardless of the reason. Should your d-clearance expire, you will need to submit a NEW D-Clearance request with the current group that is D-Clearing.


Graduate Production D-Clearance Procedures - Fall 2017

A departmental clearance (D-Clearance) is a permission to register. D-Clearance requests are processed via SCA Community website (https://scacommunity.usc.edu). Be sure to click only on the "D-CLEARANCE SUBMISSION" link located over on the right column.

The D-Clearance process is based on SENIORITY by the semester in which you took CTPR 508. Please refer to the priority schedule below to see when you can begin submitting your d-clearance request. Once you have initially D-cleared with your group, you are then free to request additional clearances/cancelations from that point forward. Remember, below are just the Production PRIORITY D-Clearance and Registration period dates. After these times, you are welcome to still request D-Clearances (please notify us via e-mail or in person) and register for any classes that have available seats.

Please refer to the D-Clearance Guide for instructions and deadlines for D-Clearance and registration. View D-Clearance Guide.

If you are not an MFA Production graduate student and want to register for a grad level Production course please email Claudia Walters at cwalters@cinema.usc.edu with your USC ID number, year in school, department and question(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: I've been D-Cleared, but now I'm having trouble registering. What do I do?

Answer: Registration is processed through the University and is handled by a separate office. The Registrar's Office can help to troubleshoot any errors or oversights with your registration. Please contact them at 213.740.8500 or register@usc.edu.

Remember, it is your responsibility to contact the Production Division before your D-Clearance expires so that we may save your spot in class.

Question #2: The registration deadline is approaching and I'm still waitlisted and/or not registered for all the units needed to qualify as a full-time student. Am I going to receive a late fee?

Answer: YES. If you cannot obtain all of the required approvals by the registration deadline, you must register and pay for an alternate placeholder course (i.e., USC-100) to avoid a late fee. The School of Cinematic Arts will not waive late fees for students who submit their D-Clearance request after the registration deadlines. Once the semester begins, D-Clearance requests will only be processed in person with an add/drop form (obtained from SCA 427 or SCB 105) and signed instructor approval.

Question #3: If I am on the waitlist and the semester is fast approaching, what happens?

Answer: You will need to attend the first class meeting to see if a space has become available. If the instructor lets you into the class, he/she must sign a blue ADD/DROP Form, which you will need to return to the appropriate SCA office for D-Clearance. Once you have approval and d-clearance, you may register for the course.

Question #4: Does my 8-unit limit include D-Clearance requests from other departments?

Answer: No. Your limit only pertains to the units obtained from the production division.

Question #5: I used to be lower on the waitlist. Why does the order keep changing?

Answer: The list is based on when the requests are submitted. If and when a space opens up in a class, the student that is on top of the list will get the first opportunity to register for the course and then everyone else will move up one spot accordingly. We will continue this process until the class is fully registered.

Please remember, D-Clearances will expire on the Thursday following approval. Unfortunately, due to the volume of d-clearance requests, expired d-clearances cannot be reactivated. If your d-clearance has expired, you will need to submit a new D-Clearance request with the current group that is D-Clearing.

Contact Information:

Claudia Walters / Jonathan Martofel / James Kim
Email: cwalters@cinema.usc.edu and productionoffice@cinema.usc.edu
Phone: 213.740.3317