Commencement Ceremonies
USC commencement and SCA commencement ceremonies dates and times are available here. You may participate in commencement even if you have outstanding requirements and plan to return the following summer or fall semester. Information on SCA commencement is available here. SCA majors will be emailed instructions regarding SCA commencement registration. 

Degree Conferral
A student will be awarded the graduation date for the term in which all degree requirements, including submission of supporting documents, have been met. Although course work may have been completed in a prior term, the degree will be awarded only for the term for which all academic and administrative requirements have been fulfilled. Degrees are not awarded retroactively.

Graduate Procedure
Contact your divisional advisor/coordinator for information on the required forms and procedures for applying for graduation.

Undergraduate Procedure
All STARS reports include an anticipated graduation date after the student has earned 80 units towards the degree. This report, which can be viewed on OASIS, lists all remaining requirements for the degree. Please note that this report supersedes information on the departmental advisement sheets, which are not official degree checks. We recommend students verify that they have completed all requirements and confirm their graduation date with their academic advisor. If the major, minor, catalogue year or expected graduation date listed on STARS report is inaccurate, contact your advisor immediately to update the report or notify the appropriate office. For example, if you declare a minor and later decide not to complete it, you must officially drop that minor or you will not be cleared for graduation. Students can update their expected graduation date in OASIS without advisor assistance and should be checking their STARS report regularly to confirm its accuracy.