D-Clearance for Non-Majors (Spring 2024)

Non-majors may submit d-clearance requests for SCA courses beginning Wednesday, November 8th. For d-clearance procedures for your respective major, please contact your academic advisor. Check the USC Catalogue or Schedule of Classes to verify if you are eligible for specific courses.

Course Number Email/Form/Procedure
Animation (CTAN) Animation Division Online Procedure
CNTV 522, 524, 562, & 563 bset@cinema.usc.edu
Cinema & Media Studies (CTCS 100 - 499) CTCS Non-Major D-Clearance Form
Cinema & Media Studies (CTCS 500+) mediastudies@cinema.usc.edu
Expanded Animation (CTXA) CTXA Non-Major D-Clearance Form
Interactive Media (CTIN) CTIN Non-Major D-Clearance Form
Media Arts & Practice (IML) IML Non-Major D-Clearance
Production (CTPR 100 - 499) CTPR Non-Major D-Clearance Form
Production (CTPR 500+) ctpr.clearance@cinema.usc.edu
Writing (CTWR) Writing Division Online Procedure