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Non-Major SCA D-Clearances Spring 2020

Non-majors may submit d-clearance requests  starting at 9:00am on Wednesday, November 6, 2019. Check the  USC Catalogue or Schedule of Classes to verify if you are eligible for specific courses

Where to request D-Clearance:
Course Number Division/Location/Contact
Animation (CTAN) John C. Hench Division of Animation and Digital Arts at SCB 210D
CNTV 522, CNTV 524, CNTV 562 & CNTV 563
Cinema & Media Studies (CTCS 100 - 499 level courses)
Cinema & Media Studies (CTCS 500+ courses) Division of Cinema & Media Studies at SCA 320
Interactive Media (CTIN)
Media Arts & Practice (IML)
Production (CTPR 100 - 499 level courses)
Production (CTPR 500+ courses) Film & Television Production Division at SCA 426
Writing (CTWR) Writing Division Online Procedure