Students can view their GPA and grades from previous semesters on OASIS.


Students may receive a grade of Incomplete in a course due to extenuating circumstances (such as illness or injury) that prevented them from attending class meetings and/or submitting assignments after the deadline to withdraw. If approved by the instructor, the student will be given an extension to submit missing assignments before receiving a final grade. Once all missing work has been completed and submitted, the instructor will initiate the necessary paperwork to update the grade. An Incomplete course that is not resolved by the new deadline will change to an Expired Incomplete (IX) and be visible on an official transcript. It is important that students meet the new deadline provided to them by their instructor, as further extensions are rarely approved.

Missing Grade:

If you have a Missing Grade (MG) or an erroneous grade for a course, the grade correction must be requested by the instructor. Students cannot request grade changes. All grade correction requests are reviewed by the registrar's office, and are generally granted only if there was an administrative error in assigning the grade. If you believe your grade should be changed but the instructor feels the grade is appropriate, you must appeal in writing to the chair of the division offering the course by the end of the following semester (excluding summer). 

Consult the USC Catalogue for more information on grading procedures.