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To find out your grades for the previous semester, access OASIS on the USC Web site.

If you have an Incomplete for a class and have now completed the work, call the Grade Department at 213.740.5586 to request an Incomplete Removal form. The form will be sent directly to the Office of Student Affairs and then forwarded to the instructor. Please check with the Office of Student Affairs a couple weeks later to verify the form is being processed.

An Incomplete can be assigned only if there is work not completed because of documented illness or some other emergency occurring after the twelfth week of the semester. Arrangements for the Incomplete and the Incomplete removal must be initiated by the student and agreed to by the instructor. Both the student and the instructor should sign the Incomplete Completion form, which must be submitted with the grade sheet at the end of the semester. The deadline for completing an Incomplete, as of fall 2001, is a maximum of one calendar year after the Incomplete is assigned.

An Incomplete not finished by the deadline changes to an Expired Incomplete (IX), and on your record it will count as units taken for which no grade-points have been earned. In other words, an IX has the same effect on your G.P.A. as an F.

If you have a Missing Grade (MG) or an erroneous grade for a course, the grade correction must be requested by the instructor, who should notify the Office of Student Affairs office. Students cannot request grade changes. All grade correction requests are reviewed by the Registrar's Office, and are generally granted only if there was an administrative error in assigning the grade.

If you believe your grade should be changed but the instructor feels the grade is appropriate, you must appeal in writing to the chair of the division offering the course by the end of the following semester (excluding summer).

Consult the USC Catalogue, and SCampus for more information on grading procedures.