Animation and Digital Arts Request Process for Non-Majors:

  1. Review your program requirements in the USC Catalogue to determine what CTAN courses count towards your program of study.
  2. Review course descriptions and pre-requisites in the USC Schedule of Classes to determine which courses you are eligible to take.
  3. Come to SCB 210 starting 11/1/17 then following: Monday to Thursday between 9-11am only and sign up in person.
  4. We will attempt to process & grant your d-clearance request on the spot, if available. D-clearances will expire three days after you receive it or from your assigned registration appointment.
  5. We do not administer waitlists.
  6. If your d-clearance expires before you register, your seat can be given to another student. If you register for a course, but then drop the course and then your d-clearance expires, your seat can be given to another student.
  7. All d-clearances will expire by 6am on Nov. 20th, 2017, as most of our CTAN electives will then switch from “D” to “R”.



Please feel free to call: 213.740.3986 with any questions regarding d-clearances in Animation & Digital Arts and CTAN course information.