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CTAN Elective Class - D-Clearance Request Procedures for Fall 2023

Thank you for your interest in taking a CTAN Animation elective class with us in Fall 2023.
Departmental clearance (d-clearance) requests can be submitted through the google webform (link will appear below only on Wednesday April 5th at 9am).

Phone and email D-clearance requests will NOT be considered during this time. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis during normal business hours (request will be processed within 24 hours) through Friday April 14th. Then On Monday April 17th at 10am most CTAN elective classes will switch from “D” to “R”.

Students will NOT receive an email confirmation. Receiving D-clearance does not guarantee a seat in any class. Students still need to enroll in the course in advance of the D-clearance expiration date. If your d-clearance does not work, immediately contact us via email at:
Each D-clearance expires t
wo days after your request or after your registration appointment. If you do not register in time, a new request must be submitted via the webform. 

Please note: each D-clearance is specific to a single section. We do not grant clearance for multiple sections of the same course, you can submit multiple request, with your first one being your preferred. You will need to submit a separate request for each via the appropriate webform.

Students will only be cleared for classes if space is available and if they have completed all prerequisites (or have completed the pre req waiver process with instructor & department beforehand). Remember, a section of a course only requires D-clearance if there is a "D" following the section number. A section with an "R" following the section number does not require D-clearance. Unnecessary and improperly submitted requests will be disregarded.

Please note: If you are requesting d-clearance for a 500 level class and you are an undergraduate student, you will also need a permission grad memo from your major advisor. You will then need to email the memo, as an attachment to USC One-Stop/Registration Office to request to have them manually add/register you for the class, as web reg won’t let you register for a 500 level class directly. First you need to receive d-clearance for it from us though.

Link to our Google doc will become available here on Wed. April 5th, 2023 at 9am.

On Monday the 17th at 10am most electives in CTAN will switch from “D” to “R”.
Then you can then directly register for the CTAN elective class you are interested in via web reg, if a spot is still open, if you have the pre req and as long as you have the grad memo if you are an undergrad trying to register for a 500 level CTAN class.

Thank you for your interest in taking an elective in our Animation Division this coming Fall 2023.