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Academic Petitions

All petitions for exceptions from school or university requirements must be initiated in the Office of Student Affairs.

Registration-related petitions must be initiated in the Academic Review office (TRO 101).

For information about transfer credit petitions contact an advisor in the Office of Student Affairs.

Waivers or substitutions of requirements require an internal petition form, which will be reviewed by the instructor of the course (if appropriate), the faculty in charge of that particular area (if appropriate), the chair of the division that offers the required class, the director of Student Affairs, and the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs. Supporting documents, such as a syllabus, are also usually required.

Please note the core production courses-CTPR 290, 294/295, 310, 480, 484, 486, 507, 508, and 541, 545, and 546-cannot be waived.

Also, waiver of CTCS 190: Introduction to Cinema, requires a waiver exam. Contact the Division of Cinema & Media Studies.

Waivers or substitutions of General Education requirements, including the foreign language requirement, must be initiated in the Office of Student Affairs, but the final decision will be made by the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences.

For extensions of Incompletes, taking graduate courses for undergraduate credit, or other petitions not mentioned above, contact the Office of Student Affairs for further information.