Academic Petitions

Substitutions or waivers of SCA major requirements are initiated through an internal petition form via SCA Community, which is then reviewed by a committee comprising of our faculty and staff. Supporting documents, such as a syllabus, are mandatory for consideration. To access this form, please contact your assigned academic advisor or email Students should submit these petitions as soon as possible, as it may take up to a semester to receive a decision.

Please note that all core production courses (CTPR 290, 294/295, 310, 480, 484, 486, 507, 508, and 541, 545, and 546) are ineligible for substitutions or waivers.

To petition a substitution of general education requirements, the writing requirement, and/or the foreign language requirement, please submit an Articulation Petition via OASIS. SCA is not involved in these petitions.

To initiate a registration-related petition (such as a late add or late change of grading option), please submit a Petition Inquiry via AskUSC. SCA is not involved in these petitions unless contacted by the registrar.

To register for graduate courses as an undergraduate student, please contact your assigned academic advisor.