$500 Level and Up

SCA Network members are making a difference in the lives of this generation and the ones to come through their generous support of the USC School of Cinematic Arts. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication.

We are proud to list these benefactors of the SCA Network. If you feel there is any error, please contact the SCA Office of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving.

List of Benefactors

Mattie Bayne
Matthew Carieri
Michael Dwyer ‘13
Gordon Ecker Jr. ‘62
Will Eisenberg ‘11
Kimi Endo Porter ‘05
Adam Fenderson ‘03
Daniel Fienberg ‘02
Brian Flynn ‘71
Dana Franklin ‘01

Jonathan Fudem ‘16
Joshua Harrell ‘03
Jacquelyn Kinkade-Silberberg ‘91
Don Klugman ‘56
John Kurtz
Richard Martin
Doug Miro ‘97
Alicia Mohr ‘04
Vahan Moosekian ‘75
Mara Pleasure

Corin Sherman ‘16
Dickson Silberberg ‘87
Priscilla Spencer ‘15
Karen Spiegel
Christopher Tennant
Conrado Terrazas ‘91
Christopher Thomas
Sabrina Warren
Kyle Wasserman ‘16
Kevin Yoder ‘92

This information is valid through June 2016. If you feel there is any error, please contact the Office of Annual Giving.