August 14, 2007

Complex Cam

A Bird's-Eye View Of The School's New Facilities

By James Tella

Construction as of August 14, 2007.
Over the course of the summer, visitors to the University Park campus have watched the construction on the new cinematic arts complex make great strides. Now, as construction heightens, any one can track its development thanks to a 24/7 camera.

"The complex camera gives viewers an interesting perspective on the changes taking place at the site every day," said John Zollinger, assistant dean for communications. "The equipment has also been storing high definition images since crews began working on the project. Once construction is complete, we'll be able to create an interesting time-lapse view of the endeavor from start to finish."

Offering a bird's eye view of the school's new facilities as they go up next to the school’s current George Lucas Instructional Building on West 34th Street, the live feeds can also be viewed via high-resolution still images. In addition to photos posted monthly to the site, which earlier in August revealed the first glimpse of one of the new complex’s screening rooms, the cameras situated on the roof of USC's Webb Tower residence hall track the daily development of the new complex, which remains on track for its opening in December 2008