January 16, 2007

Entertainment Leader

Hollywood Veteran David Wertheimer To Lead ETC

By John Zollinger

The Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California (ETC-USC), a neutral, non-partisan research organization in the School of Cinematic Arts that studies entertainment technology developments that are critical to the creative community; production companies; content owners, distributors and exhibitors; and technology companies has tapped entrepreneur, technologist, and Hollywood veteran David Wertheimer to lead the organization. ETC logo

“Since its founding in 1993, ETC has been at the forefront of developing industry standards and best practices, such as digital projection, distribution and security,” said Warner Bros. Senior Vice President, Emerging Technology and Chair of the ETC Board of Directors Charles Dages. “With David as the new executive director, ETC’s impact on Hollywood will extend to cover some of the most pressing issues and opportunities we face as an industry.”

“One of the major questions for media companies today is how to produce and distribute the highest quality entertainment to users wherever they are, whenever they want it,” Wertheimer said. “ETC’s history as an enabler of the digital cinema revolution provides a strong foundation on which to answer these types of questions. As we move ahead, ETC will be the place where the industry comes together to explore new opportunities created by digital media,” he added.

For over 15 years, Wertheimer has been immersed in producing content, developing new technologies and managing organizations (ranging from start-ups to divisions within publicly traded companies). Prior to assuming his new post, he was the executive director of USC’s Institute for Creative Technologies.

Hollywood veteran David Wertheimer will lead ETC.
Wertheimer’s experience also includes posts as the president of the Digital Entertainment division of Paramount Pictures; founder and CEO of WireBreak Entertainment, a digital content distribution and television production company; as well as technology and business management positions at Oracle and NeXT.

Wertheimer succeeds Charles Swartz, who led ETC from 2002 until his retirement last fall.

“With his unique blend of technology and industry knowledge, David will use ETC’s solid foundation to enhance the center’s activities as a primary resource for the entertainment arts,” said Bob Lambert, corporate senior vice president, worldwide technology strategy, The Walt Disney Company and ETC board member.

ETC-USC is headquartered in the School of Cinematic-Arts digital collaboratory annex, located in the heart of Los Angeles. The center also conducts digital screening sessions at the school’s flagship Norris Theatre Complex on USC’s University Park Campus. Its sponsors include the School of Cinematic Arts; Hollywood’s major studios:  NBC-Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox, Viacom/Paramount Studios, The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros.; Lucasfilm Ltd.; Cisco Systems; Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, Inc; and Thomson.