April 1, 2024


TreaAndrea Russworm, Kara Bilkiss, Jill Braff and Moonlit Beshimov in SCA theatre.
TreaAndrea Russworm, Kara Bilkiss, Jill Braff and Moonlit Beshimov in SCA 108 for the Women In Games Now! panel discussion.

To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8), USC Games held a panel of women executives in the Games industry. Women in Games NOW!, featuring Moonlit Beshimov, Kara Bilkiss and Jill Braff, and moderated by Microsoft Endowed Professor TreaAndrea Russworm, focused on exposing practices in the industry that exclude women leaders, and how to encourage greater inclusion in the industry.
Here are some highlights from the panelists:

Moonlit Beshimov
Head of Gaming, Americas Partnerships and Global Industry Strategy – Google

“Most likely you’re going to be a minority. So that makes it even more important to speak up. When you walk in the room where no one looks like you think about how much more important it is for you to speak up.”
Kara Bilkiss
Vice President, Mobile Commerce – Activision Blizzard
"Try not to think of the role you are going for as ‘it has to be the perfect role.’ Target a role you can work on. Be ready for when it presents itself. Lot of people will show up ready and prepared but think of what makes you stand out."
“You will be in environments where you feel like you are not finding your people. Wait for your moment.”
“Don’t limit yourself. If you get in work hard. There ae so many people that are looking for a job, so many people that are smart. Show up, be reliable, be kind.”
Jill Braff
Vice President, Head of Bethesda/ZeniMax & Casual Suite Studios - Microsoft
“I used to go to E3 every year and I would go to the ladies’ room and take a picture of the empty ladies’ room. When do you have an empty ladies’ room? Never. I would call it my moment of zen and take a picture of the men in line. It’s changed. Now there are other ladies, and you may even have to wait.”
“Allies need to be across genders. In order to move this agenda forward of having more equality we all need to be in it together.”
For more highlights from the panel, check out the USC Cinema YouTube channel.