February 27, 2023

USC Film Students Get Rare Access to Filmmaker Commentary and Exclusive Insights

By Benjamin Pola

It's not often that film students get to experience a movie screening with commentary from the filmmakers themselves. That's why the special screening of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" earlier this month was an event not to be missed. Held here in USC School of Cinematic Arts’ Ray Stark Family Theatre, students from all over campus gathered to watch the movie with an added layer of depth - the audio commentary track from SCA alum and director Ryan Coogler, screenwriter Joe Robert Cole, and director of photography Autumn Durald Arkapaw.

As the lights dimmed and the movie began, the commentary track kicked in, providing insight into the thought processes behind the making of the film. From the initial script stage to the challenges faced during filming, the filmmakers shared their experiences and how they tackled various issues. 

The filmmakers talked about how they approached the film after the passing of actor Chadwick Boseman and the responsibility they felt to honor his legacy while also creating a new story. The screening was not only a great learning experience for film students but also an enjoyable one. The commentary added a layer of entertainment to the movie, as students laughed and gasped along with the filmmakers. 

The special screening of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" provided a unique opportunity for students to hear directly from the filmmakers and learn from their experiences. Students left the screening with a greater appreciation for the film, a deeper understanding of the creative process and a free digital copy of the film. 

Black Panther:  Wakanda Forever Trailer