February 7, 2023

The People of XA

L-R: Everett Lewis, Lisa Mann, Kathy Smith, and Sheila Sofian

The vision for the Expanded Animation Research + Practice program evolved from the work and ideas of four veteran School of Cinematic Arts faculty: Everett Lewis, Lisa Mann, Kathy Smith, and Sheila Sofian. They each approach their cinematic work from a unique perspective. Lewis is an independent filmmaker whose work helped define the genre, and frequently explores themes related to gay and lesbian experiences; Mann is a multidisciplinary artist who primarily teaches stop-motion/physical animation; Smith works with painting, animation, installation, and sound; and Sofian makes films that are a hybrid of documentary and animation works. They came together around their interest in exploring the same question: What’s Next in Animation? It’s a perspective they encourage their students to embrace as they work together to define the program.

Lewis and Sofian are the co-directors of Expanded Animation. They lead a faculty of imaginatively talented animators including Musa Booker, John Brennan, Greg Garay, and Sam Gurry, as well as cinematographer and visual effects specialist Maks Naporowski, artist Norland Téllez, and others.

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