January 30, 2023

Jason E. Squire Nabs Kevin Feige as First Guest to Launch New MovieBiz Podcast

Jason Squire retired last year from teaching his popular case study classes in developing both independent and blockbuster films. This month he launched a podcast based on the classes and his bestselling industry explainer, The Movie Business Book. 

His Moviebiz Podcast officially launched this month (January 2023) and made a splash out the gate with an interview with Marvel President Kevin Feige that got picked up in the trades. We asked Squire about the podcast, and retirement.   

What made you want to start a podcast?

I’ve always been an educator in one form or another. 

Throughout my career as a movie creative executive, my Movie Business Book continued to thrive in its various editions worldwide. This led to global lecture invitations. After scholars at Beijing Film Academy translated my Third Edition, I was invited to teach there as Visiting Professor in the BFA Management Department and celebrate their 25th anniversary with a lecture. Other academic invitations came from DeTao Group in Shanghai, which honored me as DeTao Master of Entertainment Industry Studies; the Shanghai Library for a lecture on the business; from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) for lectures in Guangzhou and Beijing; Tokyo Institute of Technology; Cass Business School of City University, London; Beijing International Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. Movie lovers are the same everywhere.

The pivot to academia allowed me a joyous, hands-on opportunity to work closely with students, providing instruction and offering encouragement. Every day was like opening day; the sheer delight of being with students in a classroom can only be understood by colleagues who do it. 

While my textbook continues its adoptions at universities around the world, the popularity of podcasts creates an ongoing, timely way to organize and present content in a more personal, fluid format, picking up where The Movie Business Book left off. 

What topics will the podcast focus on and who are some of the planned guests?

There is a wide range of topics of interest to the spectrum of listeners, composed of industry professionals, students and movie buffs. Each guest is encouraged to divulge industry “secrets.” There is no pattern; it’s fun to mix it up. 

Recent guests include Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige; 2nd AD Christina Fong (AMSTERDAM, BIRDS OF PREY); Samuel Goldwyn Films CEO Ben Feingold; Deadline’s New York Business Editor Dade Hayes; IMAX Senior VP, Entertainment Business Affairs and Operations Linda Benjamin; prolific producer Eric B. Fleischman; Laemmle Theatres President and CEO Greg Laemmle; Sony Pictures Animation EVP of Business Affairs and Strategy Jeffrey Korchek (who teaches a great SCA class).

 What have you been up to since retiring?

When I decided to retire from SCA, the university honored me as Professor Emeritus, a title that maintains affiliation and comes with free parking.

The biggest change is that my time is now my own. It’s thrilling. 

After a few months of euphoria, I returned to a disciplined routine, similar to the one before the teaching part of my career. Highlights include early scouring of the trades because of my continuing value as a media source (including 40 “Marketplace” appearances and counting); power walk before lunch; catching up on emails; absorbing streaming, theatrical and cable content endlessly. 

Don’t want this to sound too much like a Hallmark card, but a highlight is being able to pause as we watch the sunset just about any day.

A real bonus is keeping up with former students and following their career progress. It’s a pleasure to reconnect with students from my classes: Movie Biz CTPR 460, Case Study CTPR 386, Internships CTPR 495 and Screenwriting CTWR 412.

One of the true bright spots is my annual summer reunion ~ coming up on the 10th one this summer! 

Listen to the Movie Business Podcast here