January 19, 2022

The Green Film School Alliance Launches

SCA is among thirteen founding members of the Green Film School Alliance, a consortium of schools committed to sustainable film production. The program, modeled on the industry Green Production Guide Initiative around sustainable filmmaking—which is made up of major studios, broadcast networks, and production companies—aims to institute common language, standards and tools at all participating schools.

SCA is represented on the Alliance by Professor Michael Taylor, Executive Director of USC MISC (Media Institute for Social Change), who explained the consortium this way: “We have created a customized check list for our students to use during production that we feel works well for our program and will guide students during the production process to ensure that they are achieving maximum sustainability as they shoot.  Students who are able to achieve the desired score on their checklist will be able to put a Green Seal in the end credits of their film to indicate the film was made with sustainable practices.”

The checklist and seal are being launched this semester as a voluntary initiative. They will then will be mandated for all SCA film productions starting in the Fall 2022 semester.

For a list of the founding members of the Green Film School Alliance and the checklist of best sustainability practices, go to GreenProductionGuide.com.