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November 12, 2021

Layla Yun

Media Arts & Practice '23

By Gage Tilly

Layla Yun

Why did you want to study Media Arts and Practice?

I came into USC as an architecture major, but I soon realized that I wanted to have the flexibility to explore different channels of creativity. Media Arts and Practice was a perfect program for me to learn various methods of storytelling, then dive deeper into specific skills that I want to refine further.

How do you think SCA will prepare you for the career you want to have?

I want to work as a producer in the themed entertainment story, creating interactive experiences for the audience. SCA will help me prepare for this industry through comprehensive education and exposure to the entertainment industry. Also, SCA has a themed entertainment minor, which I plan to take a few courses from in order to further develop my understanding of the industry. But most importantly, the creative community at SCA always inspires me with new ideas and motivates me to work harder, helping me get closer to my career goals. 

What have been your greatest successes and challenges at school so far?

The biggest challenge when first came into school was navigating what I wanted from USC. From my major to student organizations, I was overwhelmed as a freshman figuring out what I wanted to do — both personally and professionally. As a junior now, my biggest success is that I have realized that it is more important to be passionate about things I do, rather than being fixated on one specific goal.

What projects have you worked on that you’re proud of?

The first Media Arts and Practice course I took was IML 201, The Languages of Digital Media. In this class, I was able to explore different mediums of storytelling, including creating a video essay. My video essay was based on the stereotype East Asian women face, being framed as docile and submissive, yet promiscuous. It was heavily inspired by the Atlanta Spa Shooting on March 2021. As an East Asian woman, I felt fear and frustration and I was able to channel that emotion into this project for others to learn more about this issue that has been embedded in our society. 

What organizations are you involved with, if any, and why did you choose to join?

I am involved in Themed Entertainment Association @ USC. I joined the club to learn more about the themed entertainment industry through the professional panels and networking events. As I got more involved, I fell in love with the dynamic and inclusive culture of the club and joined the board to help facilitate a professional yet fun community. 

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying to SCA?

I would advise you to have fun with the application! Personally, I am the most creative when I am having fun with my project, so choose an idea that you are passionate about. I would also recommend you to come in with an open mind and be ready to explore various ideas, methods of storytelling, concepts, and the company of creative classmates!

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