May 20, 2021


Queen Kim (A.K.A Kim Jonghee), from Seoul, South Korea, is a 2020 graduate of the MFA program in Film and Television Production. He is the recipient of the First Look Faculty Award in Producing.

What’s your First Look project about and what drew you to the subject?

I attended one of the main producer’s film called Soak. This film is about a 16-year-old who tries to convince her runaway mother to return home. The project Soak made me interested in the director’s passion. Our director, Hannah Bang, at least she listened to and tried to fix the story. As a producer it is very important to speak with directors from different perspective. Therefore, I more clearly saw what she really wanted to say in this film with others’ story. So, I agreed to join this project.

What was challenging about making it and what was most enjoyable?

The challenging part about this project is the time managing. In South Korea, it is a bit different than the American time system. On my part, I tried to cut shooting to 12 hours in each day. The most enjoyable part of this film making process is of course, is that it is in South Korea which is my motherland.

Collaboration is extremely important in filmmaking. Who were your key collaborators on this project and what did you learn from your work together?

My partner Sharon. I saw and learned from what she had which is what I didn’t have; she has a better skill to treat with people. So, I learned again while I’m work with her. She has better sights than me at least.

Why did you choose the School of Cinematic Arts and your division and/or track?

Because USC has the longest history with film major in a university. So that is why I chose this school. So, I chose the interesting track which is producing and directing. I still believe my choice was right because I learned a lot.

What have you learned about yourself as a creator from being at the School, and how has that prepared you so far for the career you want?

I learned that in filmmaking, it is story which comes out first that covers everything. I attach this to my career all the time. Whatever job is coming out, always think about each project story first.

What advice do you have for prospective students looking to apply to SCA?

I would simply say, “Use your time wisely”.