May 11, 2020

First Look 2020: Go! Go!

Go! Go! Wins Industry Award for Animation

The First Look Film Festival is the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ celebration of the best advanced student films of the year. Presented by the Office of Industry Relations.

This is one in a series of stories about the filmmakers’ motivations behind their First Look projects. Click here for an overview of all First Look winners.

Go! Go!

Industry Award: Animation

Patradol “Dodo” Kitcharoen ’19

A fun-craving alligator runs loose through an amusement park. What could go wrong!

Written, directed and animated by Patradol "Dodo" Kitcharoen ’19, Go! Go! Is an animated 2D film in which the alligator’s romp through the park (including its enjoyment on rides) and is set to original music.

Kitcharoen, who is originally from Thailand, says he made the film “to reflect on my personal journey pursuing my dream in the animation and film industry.” He graduated with an MFA from the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts.

Kitcharoen first got the idea for Go! Go! as a short story assignment for a first-year storytelling class. He refined the idea in his pre-thesis class, coming up with the music element. “Since the film is designed to be music-driven, there was a lot of back and forth between me and the music composers during the storyboard state to make sure that the music and visual fit well together,” he says.  “There are lots of fun and memorable moments working on this film. I think one of my favorites is the story and songwriting part. I personally enjoyed the day when we recorded the song. I love how that the project evolved greatly on that part and finally, we had original, fun and catchy music that fits perfectly with the film.”

Go! Go! has already been accepted into more than twenty-five film festivals.

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