April 20, 2018

SCA Students Shine at Getty Center's College Night

By Phenia Hovsepyan

On Monday, April 16 2018, the Getty Center hosted its College Night: A unique event organized to showcase the diverse range of talent being cultivated on college campuses all across Los Angeles. The USC School of Cinematic Art was the most highly represented university, with four projects on display.

Here are some highlights from the evening:

Above from left to right: Kai Drayton-Yee & Madeleine Smiley, first year Interactive Media & Games students, with their game Ideal Meal which challenges players to work together with complex maneuvers to make a bowl of ramen!

Below from left to right: Kai Drayton-Yee, their IMGD Professor Martzi Campos, Dean Elizabeth Daley, and Madeleine Smiley. 

Below: Sophomore Brenda Chen from the Animation division followed by her work, Oracle, a stunning visual installation meant to represent of the progressing symptoms of anxiety.

Below from left to right: Brenda Chem, Yimin Zhang, and Sagar Ramesh from Animation, Awu Chen from IMGD, and USC Thorton School of Music alum David Deedwania with their captivating virtual reality project, Santiago. People were in a long line to get immersed in the world of Santiago all night!

Below from left to right: Animation professor Michael Patterson with professional advisors Jarrett Smith and Aki Yamshita, who have facilitated workshops in interactive installations for SCA students. Their large-scale  visual music projection was created with the collaborative efforts of SCA students, and was the show-stopper of the evening!

Below: Chandler Guzman, freshman in the MA+P division, who was on the student advisory board for College Night. College Night at the Getty Center is a special event organized by college students for college students!

Above: Dean Elizabeth Daley (center) and Teresa Cheng, Chair of the John C. Hench division of Animation & Digital Arts (second from right), with SCA students and faculty. 

College Night at the Getty was a huge success!