November 13, 2017

SCA Adds Mexican Grant

This year the School of Cinematic Arts is a first-time recipient of a $10,000 IME-BECAS grant. Funded by the government of Mexico, the grant will support SCA students from Mexico or of Mexican origin with demonstrated financial need.

The Government of Mexico established the scholarship program in 2005 with the objective of facilitating “the academic and profession development of Mexicans in the United States in order to better integrate and contribute to the society in which they live as well as to link their knowledge to development of their places of origin in Mexico.”

The scholarships support students across the United States including many studying at California colleges and universities. SCA’s first IME-BECAS scholars were awarded in the 2017-2018 academic year, Andrea Porras-Madero and Adrian Vega Albela Osorio.