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October 24, 2014

2 SCA Classes. 21 Students. 1 Funny Sitcom

By Megan J. O’Neil

After weeks of sleepless nights, the incredibly talented students of SCA’s production and writing classes finally presented their multi-cam sitcom, Entitled, to a live studio audience taping on October 12, 2014 on Stage 4 of the Cinematic Arts School. Judging by the loud roars of laugher in the audience, these 21 students have created a success.

Student Executive Producers Liz Eccher and Maggie Admire drafted the pilot episode of Entitled over the summer, then worked with the staff writing students in CTPR 484 and their professor, Emmy Award Winner David Isaacs, to fine-tune the script over the fall semester. Meanwhile, on Stage 4, the production class CTPR 484 brought the Entitled script to life. Working through the weekends, the production students imported walls and props to Stage 4 and built, dressed, and lit the set in preparation for live shoots.  Student Director AJ Frydman worked with 484 Directing Professor Ellen Falcon Gittlesohn to cast actors and block scenes.

Creating a 30-minute sitcom requires dedication and teamwork. Because there are only 11 production students, the class had to work even harder than previous years, often doubling up on roles in the crew.

As producer of Entitled, I have been working closely with everyone involved to make sure the show is created and, more importantly, looks good. It was amazing to have been a part of this production at USC. No matter the obstacles Entitled faced this semester, the crew and writers pushed through. They’ve created a pilot taping comparable to a network program.

Entitled features a talented cast and special guest star, actor Joel Brooks. The crew has the incredible experience of working with outstanding professors —Direction taught by Ellen Falcon Gittlesohn (RoseanneFresh Prince of Bel Air), Production by Richard Clayman (MaudeFacts of Life), Editorial by Nancy Forner, A.C.E. (Vampire DiariesLaw & Order), Director of Photography Dietmar Quistorf, and Writing professor David Isaacs (M*A*S*H).

This Sunday, October 26th at 5:30pm, will be the second and final TV taping of the semester. Come to the 21st Century Fox Stage 4 at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts for your chance to be in our studio audience and watch a live taping of the student produced sitcom, Entitled!